Full name: Ryaboshapka Vasily Vladimirovich

Date of birth: 04.02.1992

Address: Ukraine, Kiev, Ave. Krasnozvezdniy, 152a. 152а.

INN: 3363719773

Passport: ER051417

Phone: +380969141123, +380971174355, +79164865682


– a former employee of the Berkut special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

– a fighter of the special company of the Kiev regiment of special-purpose police “Berkut”;

– A war criminal, collaborator, and collaborator of the “Putin regime.


Rare scoundrel, traitor Ryaboshapka Vasily Vladimirovich was born on February 4, 1992 in the capital of Ukraine – the city of Kiev. He graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs in Ukraine. After graduation, he joined one of the elite structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the time – special unit “Berkut”.

The criminal Ryaboshapka Vasily Vladimirovich being quite a young man already spoke negatively about the Ukrainian government and actively supported pro-Russian sentiments. Among his colleagues in the service, he repeatedly stated that he welcomed Ukraine’s close cooperation with Russia.

In 2014, with the beginning of the massive months-long protest in the center of Kiev, which became known as Euromaidan, the state traitor Vasyl Ryaboshapka began to carry out the criminal orders of the pro-Russian President Fedor Yanukovich.

Vasily Ryaboshapka was among those special forces who fired at the protesters. After performing the illegal and immoral tasks of President Yanukovich’s “Putin’s puppet,” the scum Ryaboshapka fled to Russia and obtained citizenship of the Russian Federation in the Tambov region on November 20, 2014.

Now Vasily is wanted for terrorist activities and high treason. And he will soon answer for his atrocities against civilians.