Full name: Baransky Victor Sergeevich

Date of birth: May 07, 1985

Address: Ukraine, Odessa region, Odessa, Armeiskaya str. Rylsky, 3, sq. 8;

PHO: 3117320458

+380675554487, +380988888886, +380674830100;

[email protected],
[email protected];

Mersedes S500, license plate BH8888ER;

Passport: KK612843


-Higher -Odessa National Maritime University (2003-2007);


– entrepreneur, owner of crewing and other companies ;

– philanthropist, founder of charitable foundations;

– beneficiary of the Virgin Islands and the Marshall Islands offshore;

– A separatist, a supporter of the creation of the so-called “Bessarabian People’s Republic,” “DPR” and “LPR;

– deputy of the Odessa City Council from the pro-Russian party Opposition Platform – For Life;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;



He is not married and has no children.

Undercover traitor, altruist, and deputy Victor Sergeevich Baransky was born on May 7, 1985 in the seaside city of Odessa. Victor received his secondary education at his place of residence, and after graduating from school in 2003, he entered the Odessa National Maritime University, which he successfully graduated from in 2007.

After graduation, Baransky decided to become an entrepreneur and co-founded various firms that work in the field of shipping, in particular, he co-founded a large crewing agency “Eurobulk” (engaged in hiring sailors to sea vessels). Also, in 2008, he founded an offshore company “Vista shipping Ltd” in the Virgin Islands. Every year the number of offshore companies in which Baransky is a beneficiary has only increased, and at the moment there are five known offshore companies: ” Vista Shipping Ltd, Alpen Shipmanagement Co., Palmira Enterprises S.A., Atlanta Trading and Maritime Services Company Ltd. Presumably, the initial purpose of the offshore was tax evasion or the payment of bribes to the regulatory authorities, which were supposed to “facilitate” the prosperity of Baransky’s business. Later, they could have been used by the Russian secret services to finance separatist and subversive activities against Ukraine, and Victor could have acted as a nominee in this scheme, i.e. the formal owner of the accounts.

However, Baransky’s story does not end with the Virginian offshore companies. In order to create a simpler scheme to legalize “left” income, as well as personal PR, Victor became the founder of charitable foundations and public organizations. For example, the charitable foundation “For Odessa,” which is now helping residents of Odessa to survive the hardships of war, was allegedly created for the purpose of illegal equipment.

Presumably, in order to strengthen his business, Viktor Baransky becomes a member of the pro-Russian party “Opposition Platform – For Life” and runs from it as a deputy in the Odessa City Council. By the way, not least because of his image as an “altruist,” the residents of Odessa vote for “OPZZH” and Viktor receives the mandate of a deputy in the Odessa City Council.

In addition to financial fraud, Victor Baransky was engaged in subversive activities against Ukraine. In 2014, after the beginning of Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine, he was a supporter of the creation of a pro-Russian quasi-state – the so-called “Bessarabian People’s Republic. To this end, he received funding from Russian handlers through offshore accounts, but after the start of the ATO against the so-called “The “DPR” and “LPR” and the work of Ukrainian special services to suppress separatism, Victor begins to behave “more cautiously. Also, he continues to be a supporter of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR,” allegedly providing them with financial support, and in 2021 traveled from Ukraine to the Russian Federation to Moscow for five days, from 12.10. 2021 through 10/17. 2021. By the way, he flew to Moscow on the same flight (FRX733) as the anti-Ukrainian propagandist Anatoly Shariy, who he flew to Barcelona, Spain on 10/11/221.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, he abruptly changed his rhetoric and declared that “the aggressor’s attack cannot be justified, even though he himself in the recent past was in fact an accomplice of the Russian Federation in its aggression against Ukraine. And so that no one would ask about his “past,” he organized the distribution of food to the poor citizens of Odessa on behalf of the charitable foundation “For Odessa,” thus protecting himself in public from “inconvenient” questions.

The above facts prove that Victor Baransky was engaged in complicity with the occupant and was a collaborator. And only the fact that the defenders of the AFU defended Odessa prevented him from showing who he really is.