Full name: Ladukha Victor Borisovich

Date of birth: November 24, 1969

Place of birth: Ukraine, Sumy region, Sloboda village

Address: Ukraine, Sumy region, Burinskiy district, Sloboda village, 17, Shkolnaya str.

INN: 2553004676


– gauleiter of Burynya.

Collaborationist activities:

Victor Borisovich Ladukha, born November 11, 1969 in the village of Sloboda, is an accomplice of the Russian-fascist invaders and terrorists.

Ladukha Victor began to work on himself and reached the level of gauleiter of the village of Sloboda.

During the occupation of the territories of Ukraine, Victor supported the invaders and assisted them in carrying out their plans.

He has already been detained and is being investigated under the Criminal Code of Ukraine (paragraphs 4 and 6 of Article 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

It remains to be seen how long the disrespected traitor Viktor Borisovich will be imprisoned.