Full name: Oligorski Victor Frantsevich

Date of birth: 10.01.1953

Place of birth: Ukraine, Khmelnitsky region.

Address: Ukraine, Kherson, 29 Ilyusha Kulika Str., sq. 207;

Ukraine, Kherson, 103 Karl Marx str.

INN: 1936818433

Occupation: former head of the Criminal Investigation Department.


Son: Sergey Viktorovich Oligorsky, 01.07.1977, TIN: 2830616655.

Son’s contacts:

Son: Aleksandr Viktorovich Oligorsky, September 26, 1980, TIN: 2948902217

Collaborationist activities:

Collaborator Oligorski Viktor Frantsevich was born January 10, 1953 in Khmelnitsky region.

From a young age, Victor desired stability and a decent wage. Victor became an uncle policeman. Eventually he was promoted to colonel, but there was no more money. With the appearance of children he began to impose his pro-Russian views on them. Fed them rf propaganda. As a colonel, Victor decided to retire. With the arrival of the invaders, Oligorski decided to make some more money for himself and cooperated with them. The occupiers offered Victor the position of former head of the Criminal Investigation Department in Kherson. To which Frantsevich agreed without any hesitation.

The retired police colonel showed by his own example how to become a traitor to his native country. For which, sooner or later, you will have to answer.