Full name: Pylashenko Victor Mikhailovich

Date of birth: 14.08.1967

Passport: EC 447449

Address: Ukraine,Lugansk region with. Lesnaya Polyana, Vlas Pogrebenko str. 44


– “chief of life activities.”

– an employee of the “LNR” administrative structures;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator


Pylashenko Viktor Mikhailovich, an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, was born in the village of Markovskoye, Markovsky district, Luhansk region.

A resident of Luhansk Oblast is a very despicable person who, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops, engaged in betrayal and collaborationism.

After the invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupation troops, the state traitor defected to the side of the Russian occupiers and took a position in the administrative structures of the “Luhansk People’s Republic. The local gauleiter offered Victor Mikhailovich the position of “chief specialist of the department of life support of the village. Lesnaya Polyana”.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The collaborator was also invited to the Markov district territorial trade union organization of social workers “lnr. It is possible that the traitor is closely cooperating with the occupants regarding pro-Ukrainian residents of the village and passes information about such residents to local commandants from the “LNR. He became a candidate of theUnited Russiaparty for the occupation council in the Markov region.

Victor Mikhailovich Pylashenko will have to answer to the people for his service for the Russian occupiers. A place in the dock is already waiting for the traitor.