Full name: Razumny Victor Petrovich

Date of birth:

Place of birth: Murmansk, Russia

Places of residence:

Kherson region, Genichesk

  • ul. 5 Severnaya St., 22;
  • 30 Mira Avenue, apt. 8

Place of registration: Kiev, 2A Mateyuka St., apt. 172.


Kazan State Energy University;

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: MO740377

Identification number: 2779013112

Mobile numbers: +380956388504, +79900155602

Occupation: t.n. the head of the occupation authorities of Genichesk

Labor Path:

2022 – head of the department of the Genichesk city administration.

The Political Way:

2021 – deputy of the Genichesk City Council;

Exposing the failed mayor

With the outbreak of large-scale war he changed a number of positions

He was a deputy of the Henichesk City Council from the political party “opzj”; held a position in the Kherson regional organization from the political party “opzj”; headed the faction “opzj”.

In fact, such a rapid career advancement only underscored Victor’s amateurism as a failed leader.

A real scoundrel and traitor, not only did Viktor Petrovich voluntarily side with the occupant, which he admitted to himself during a conversation with a reporter from the Center for Investigative Journalism, but he is also not ashamed to call on the local population, particularly former city government employees, to commit the same shameful act.

First of all, occupying this position, has already managed to disgrace his family name and earn a decent sentence under Ukrainian law. The stupidity and lack of any “collaborationist campaign” to establish contacts with those who did decide to cooperate with the occupiers is astounding.

An impossible task:

Moreover, Viktor Petrovich, with the power in his hands, failed to provide his henchmen with timely wages, not to mention decent pay for the traitor’s work.

Nevertheless, the collaborators working in the administration with Victor have been hearing about the promised wages for the third month, and meanwhile, once a week they receive handouts in the form of products from the so-called “liberators.

In addition, the occupation administration focuses particular attention on the education of the younger generation, so during one of the meetings, Viktor Petrovich stressed that it is necessary to look for teachers and staff for educational institutions.

But the question remains to this day, there are really few people who want to cooperate with collaborators, especially those like Viktor Petrovich, who does not have a real situation and a plan for withdrawal in case of a fiasco.

He continues to support the occupation troops and even dared to shout something about supporting the idea of creating a so-called “Kherson People’s Republic.


He has succeeded in distributing Russian passports to residents of Genichesk, and is trying to arrange questions about the supply of humanitarian aid to the Republic of Adygea, Russia.