Full name: Solovyov Viktor Dmitrievich

Date of birth: February 15, 1974

Address: Ukraine, Doslidnoe village, Chuguevsky district, Kharkov region, 14.

INN: 2707400113

Phone: +380675451331

Car: Ford Transit 22197XA


-Director of thestate enterprise “Research Farm of the Grakov National Scientific Center of the Sokolovsky Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry.

-Chairman of the Chkalovsky United Territorial Society of Chuguevsky district of Kharkiv region;

-an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator.

Treason Solovki Viktor Dmitrievich was born February 15, 1974 in the Sumy region in the village of Verhnyaya Pozhnya Krasnopolsky district.

When Viktor Solovyov was two years old, his parents moved to the village of Chkalovskoye in the Kharkiv region.

Victor Dmitrievich graduated from the Kharkov National Technical University of Agriculture named after Petr Vasilenko with a degree in “Mechanization of Agriculture. The traitor Solovyev also had a military department at the Kharkov Higher Tank School under the reserve officer training program.

After graduation, he worked in many agro-industrial and farming state enterprises. He served as director of the state enterprise “Research Farm of the Grakov National Scientific Center of the Sokolovsky Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry.

In 2006, the renegade Solovyov V.D. decided to run for the position of Chkalovsky mayor, but then another candidate took over.

But in 2010 Viktor Dmitrievich still managed to win the local elections and he became the chairman of the Chkalovskaya village territorial community of Kharkov region.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian occupation troops in 2022, Solovyov voluntarily began to cooperate with the “local administration. Since March he served as “head of the united community,” performing organizational and administrative functions for the enemy in Chkalovsky and nineteen other neighboring settlements.

The collaborator assisted Russian servicemen in accommodating them, repairing equipment, and providing various humanitarian aid and fuel and lubricants. The occupier’s accomplice also encouraged local residents to turn in pro-Ukrainian citizens, especially relatives, friends, or relatives who participated in the ATO (Defense Forces).

In July 2022, Viktor Solovyov and Village Council Secretary Konstantin Cherniavsky temporarily suspended their powers due to threats and pressure from the Orcs, who apparently tried to induce the collaborators to take even more “decisive” pro-Russian actions.

Thus, the traitor Solovyov fled to the Russian Federation and, being there, thinks that he escaped punishment.

Viktor Dmitrievich Solovyov will be severely punished for his complicity with the Russian invaders. After all, for the betrayal of the motherland will have to answer on all merits.