Full name: Chevichelova Victoria Oleksandrovna

Date of birth: August 12, 1994

Place of birth: Stakhanov

Mobile number: +380721229964

Marital status: married, with a daughter and son


– Employee of a comprehensive social services center


Collaborationist activities:

An employee of a social service center. Chevichelova Victoria Oleksandrovna was born August 12, 1994 in Stakhanov, Lugansk region. Victoria studied at Stakhanov School No. 9 from 2000 to 2009.

After high school Victoria decided not to go to college, but to get a specialized secondary education at the Stakhanov Mining Technical School from 2010 to 2014.

After graduating from the mining college, Victoria Oleksandrovna decided to settle her personal life. Married, had two children.

Later, after her maternity leave, Chevichelova got a job at the LNR state institution “SKTSSON. But she got such a fairly warm job for a reason. Under the responsive guidance of the invaders, Victoria glorified the special operation in Ukraine. She helped supervise the pseudo-referendum and after that, as she showed her affiliation with the separatists, they, in turn, repaid her with a vacant position in the integrated social services center of Stakhanov.

For now, Victoria continues to work in her former position. With the hope in my heart that it is forever.