Full name: Victoria Andreyevna Tsyplenkova

Date of birth: 10.10.1996

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk


-journalist of the occupation media;


-collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants



Tsyplenkova Victoria Andreevna is a corrupt journalist born in the city of Donetsk. Even with the beginning of the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupants in 2014, the young girl succumbed to the provocations of the “Russian world. In the summer of 2014, Victoria decided to enroll in a university in Zaporozhye. However, after the first days of her studies, she withdrew her documents and returned to Donetsk. The reason was the “anti-Russian” attitude of teachers and students.

According to the traitor herself, she was 17 years old at the beginning of hostilities in Donbass. The first firings caught Victoria at her high school desk before graduation. Therefore, Victoria Andreeva started a war against Ukraine on the information front. The young state prisoner took up journalistic activities.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the illegal invasion of Donetsk region by Russian occupation troops, Victoria distinguished herself with her pro-Russian views and support for the occupation regime. Thus, Tsyplenkova voluntarily took the side of the Russian occupants and began to “fight” against Ukraine on the information front. Victoria Cyplenkova is a Donetsk war correspondent.

Victoria’s father and boyfriend started fighting on the side of the occupiers from the first days of the armed conflict. After that, the girl became interested in the profession of a war correspondent.

Tsyplenkova Victoria began working as a correspondent for the “Union”TV channel subordinate totheDnR Ministry of Information,” where she carries out anti-Ukrainian information activities, in particular, spreading false information discrediting the actions of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The pseudo-correspondent is involved in the production of anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials and carries out information propaganda activities in the media in favor of the aggressor state and the occupation authorities.Also, the pseudo-journalist often visits the “svozone” and supports the “liberators”.

Collaborator Victoria Andreyevna Tsyplenkova will face trial and fair punishment for her work in the enemy’s information field and betrayal of her homeland.