Full name: Zvergzdina Victoria Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 04.12.1983

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Zaporozhye region, Berdyansk district, Osipenko village

Place of residence: Zaporizhzhya region, Berdyansk district, Osipenko village, Shkolny avenue, d. 10

Mobile number: +380661861092

Activity: collaborator, provides comprehensive assistance to the occupation troops



Husband – Alexander Zvergzdin

Date of birth: 15.10.1983

Education: Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


Collaborationist activities:

It began to cooperate with the occupying forces from the moment of occupation of the Beriad district. She took a position as labor inspector for the Legal Affairs and Community Property Department.

She was soon appointed head of the Osipensky United Territorial Community.

Assists the aggressor in providing the necessary information. He also organizes and disseminates so called. humanitarian aid from the russian Federation.

Agitates the local population to cooperate with the Russian Federation. Covers rf activities in a positive light. It propagandizes the russian-speaking population’s narrative of infringement on the Russian-speaking population.