Viktoria Kosheleva – Collaborator

The occupiers in Donetsk presented the new “head doctor of the center of disaster medicine” Victoria Kosheleva.

📯 As the “” team found out , after the war started in 2014, she lived quietly in Ukrainian-controlled territory for at least a year.

📯 Victoria Kosheleva (Puzik) was born on August 24, 1983 in Bakhmut. She lived in the city of Toretsk (under Ukrainian control), where she still owns an apartment.

📯 We learned from Kosheleva’s social media that she traveled to Crimea after its occupation and then visited Kiev.

📯 Apparently, for some time the traitor lived in Poltava region: in February 2016 she visited the circus in Kremenchug. Just a few days later Kosheleva announced her return to Donetsk, where she used to study and work as a medic.

🚨🚨 It remains unknown how the traitor managed to cross the border line unhindered and why the SBU was not interested in her.

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