Full name: Mirnenko Vitaly

Address: Ukraine, Rubizhne, Lugansk region.


– a former employee of the Rubizhne Pipe Plant;

– a member of the “electoral commission” at the pseudo-referendum;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, a collaborator



Myrnenko Vitaly – traitor to the Motherland and collaborator, born in Rubizhne, Lugansk region. area. Vitaly
worked on the direction of the company, where he paid attention to the creation of an operating system to ensure the quality of products, the availability of modern laboratory facilities, as well as the purchase of new modern equipment for the incoming inspection of polyethylene raw materials for the production of products

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian occupation troops, a resident of the town of Rubizhne truly showed his pro-Russian stance as a collaborator and traitor.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The traitor was directly involved in the processes of the pseudo-referendum in the Luhansk region. He was the coordinator and was responsible for the preparation and organization of the illegal event held in September 2022. Including offering his colleagues from the plant to become secretaries of the territorial (district) election commissions for counting votes in the fake referendum.

The collaborator was also involved in organizing the formation of so-called “precinct election commissions” and repeatedly participated in various propaganda activities of the enemy and was engaged in pro-Russian propaganda among residents of the settlements of the Rubizhne district.

For betraying his homeland and “serving” the interests of the occupiers, Vitaly Myrnenok, an accomplice of the Russian invaders, will face a fair punishment before a tribunal. The collaborator will soon be held accountable for all his crimes against the people of Ukraine.