Full name: Zavgorodny Vitaly Vladimirovich

Date of birth: May 16, 1983

Place of birth: Kharkov.

Places of residence:

г. Kharkov,

  • ul. Pasteur Louis, 26A;
  • ul. April 12, 28;
  • ul. Gritsevets 17, a quarter of 115;

– Kharkov region, Chuguevsky area, the settlement of urban type Kochetok, street Gagarin 22, sq. 7.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: МТ338732

Identification number: 3045119373

Driver’s license: CAA373559

Personal vehicle: Volkswagen Caddy yellow

License plate: AX1547EA

Mobile numbers: +380632780759, +380672535279, +380968007337

Occupation: collaborator, supporter of the “Russian world,” participant in the idea of creating the so-called “Kharkiv People’s Republic

Labor Path:


  • public figure of the all-Ukrainian public movement “Ukrainian Choice – the Right of the People”;
  • head of the military-patriotic organization “Dinamo;
  • activist of the all-Ukrainian federation of bare-knuckle fighting “opolot”;

2016 – member of the military-patriotic association “Dynamo”;

2019 – Advisor to the head of the Chuguev district council.

The Political Way:

2022 – political party lawyer

He has always been a pro-Russian person, an active participant and one of the initiators of the separatist movements during the Maidan protests in Kharkiv. A supporter of the unrealized project of the so-called “Kharkiv People’s Republic,” he was the initiator of the seizure of the Kharkiv regional administration in the spring of 2014.

In 2014, he supported and to this day promotes the federalization of Ukrainian cities, supports the so-called project “novorossia”, shares the political views of a former member of
Viktor Medvedchuk.

On November 24, he held a military-political competition among students of Kharkov educational institutions at the 92nd Independent Mechanized Brigade. He repeatedly met with the Russian politician and ideologist Alexander Dugin.

As a member of a public organization, the “stronghold” showed a negative position regarding
, advocated the dispersal of participants
with the use of special means.