Real name: Yulia Mikhailovna Lozanova

Date of birth: June 25, 1981

Country: Ukraine

Place of birth: Odessa region, Odessa city, Generala Petrova street 9, apt. 31.

Address: Moscow, ul. Udaltsova 85k4, kv. 167, entrance 2, floor 10, intercom 167.


Secondary – Odessa General Education School #100;

Higher – Odessa Law Academy, Department of Judicial and Administrative Faculty.

Phone: +79250469245


husband Markel Kuznetsov. His real name is Sinelin Mikhail Anatolievich. They have a daughter, Polina.

Husband’s date of birth: November 24, 1959

INN 772805709397

Place of residence: ul. Udaltsova 85k4, kv.167;

Email: [email protected].

Car: BMW X5 O775MR77


– an accomplice of Russian war criminals and occupiers;

– participation in the information support of the open military invasion of Ukraine on 24.02.2022 on the side of the invaders;

– anti-Ukrainian propagandist;

– t.v. columnist. “News Front” news agency.

– a participant of the political talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia-1”.



– articles and blog posts on the Kont platform;

– an analyst for the “News Front” news agency;

– articles for;

– materials for the “Journalistic Truth” platform;

Appears on the following TV channels:

– “SMERSH Crimean Bridge;

– “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov;

– “Position with Michael Kokorev;

– “Isolate LIVE;

– “Solovyov LIVE.

Yulia Vityazeva (Lozanova) was born June 25, 1981 in Odessa. There the future propagandist received her secondary education. Higher – at the Odessa Law Academy – graduated full-time from the Judicial and Administrative Department. It is known about the family that her mother worked at the Shtorm Research Institute, an organization associated with the defense industry. He has a daughter, Pauline, who has serious health problems.

In 2015, Vityazeva moved to Russia, where she began working for the News Front news agency, where she distributes manipulative materials. She also published posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where she encouraged the killing of civilians and promoted the idea of genocide of the Ukrainian people, as a result of which her pages were blocked for “extremism. Now her main platform for lying is her Vkontakte page.

Extremism and betrayal of the motherland are commonplace for Yulia. After she betrayed Ukraine “for financial reasons,” she can soon be expected to betray Russia as well. Recall that Vityazeva’s mother moved to America when she was still at university, which means that Yulia will always have a place to run away to.

After moving to Russia, Vityazeva had problems with documents for her daughter Polina. Vladimir Soloviev himself solved the question. A large network of acquaintances helps Vityazeva advance in her career, especially if Solovyov appears among those acquaintances.

Since the beginning of 2022, the focus of her materials has shifted to Kazakhstan and the country’s internal problems. As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated, Yulia actively covered what was happening in the “FRONTovy Zametki” telegram channel.

On Russian television, he participates in the talk show “An Evening with Solovyov”. There she complains about the political processes taking place in a neighboring country. However, everything Vityazeva says is a product of the Russian propaganda machine.

Vityazeva (Lozanova) is very angry and cruel by character. In the comments likes to argue and wish people were dead.

Julia’s husband Markel Kuznetsov. His real name is Mikhail Sinelin. He is a high-ranking official with a long experience – deputy head of the secretariat of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Prior to that, he was deputy chairman of Vnesheconombank and held senior positions in the government apparatuses under Mikhail Fradkov and Mikhail Kasyanov. Sinelin’s previous wife was Yulia Glazyeva, the sister of the famous Russian economist Sergey Glazyev. Mikhail Sinelin is the co-founder (along with Crimean collaborator Konstantin Knyryk) of the propaganda news agency News Front, and has already been under New Zealand sanctions for this. But it is interesting that on Nov. 20, 2020, he transferred his share in MEDIA GROUP NEWSFRONT to Yulia Lozanova.

In general, the secret of Lozanova’s professional “success” is revealed: a rich husband, great connections, and a very skillful mouth with which she knows how to work in the interests of the Kremlin.