Full name: Borlov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Date of birth: December 18, 1975

Marital status: married

Place of birth: Donetsk region, Mangusha district, urban village of Yalta

Places of residence:

Donetsk region, Mangusha district, Naberezhnaya street, 1E;

Donetsk region, Mangusha district, the village of urban type Yalta, 36A, Gagarin str.

Rank: Colonel of Civil Protection Service

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VA074700, SV736727

Identification number: 2774510778

Driver’s license: JANA130457

Personal vehicle: 40768EK BMW

Mobile numbers: +380974359227, +380676211387, +380629722301, +380629724201, +380667643511, 86076704987381

Electronic purses: 26201510911176, 26203000254608, 4149499144258041, 4149499642662314, 4731219112857812, 26355613162919

Occupation: t. n. Rf Ministry of Emergency Situations employee, the media face of Rf propaganda clips in the temporarily occupied territories


The Political Way:

2022 – deputy of the Mangush township council from the ” Vadim Boychenko bloc .

Labor Path:

Head of the 25th State Fire and Rescue Squad of the State Emergency Service in the Donetsk region;

Head of the 28th State Fire and Rescue Squad of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service in the Donetsk region.

Collaborationist activities:

He defected to the side of the occupant together with his comrades from the 25th Fire and Rescue Squad of the Main Department in the Donetsk region.

He starred in propaganda materials, where he showed good intentions and cordiality, with an open heart to meet representatives of the so-called. of civil defense, emergencies and disaster management authorities of the rf.

I am also personally acquainted with Alexey Aleksandrovich Kostrubitsky, t.d. Minister of Emergency Situations and Disaster Management in Donetsk region. Moreover, back in 2014, Alexey Kostrubitsky served together in the same unit as Borlov Vladimir.

Vladimir Borlov prepared the ground for his defection to the side of the occupant in advance, repeatedly telling his colleagues that the standard of living, material and social security would be much better in the so-called DPR than in Ukraine.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Borlov was so stupefied by his friendship with representatives of the DPR that he continues to believe that the shelling of civilians and infrastructure is coming from Ukraine.

To date, Vladimir Borlov continues to carry out activities to recruit representatives of various administrations and government agencies who remain loyal to Ukraine.