Full name: Vladimir Braginets

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Genicheskiy district, Partizany settlement (since 2016 – Rykovo).



– an employee of the occupation administration in Rykovo;

– Head of Rykivske Territorial Department of Genicia VGA;

– A collaborator of the occupation authorities, a collaborator of the occupation authorities


Traitor of Ukraine, who betrayed his people and sneakily went over to the side of the enemy – Braginets Volodymyr was born in the town-type settlement Partizany, Genicheskiy district, Kherson region. He has a vocational education. The man started his working career at heavy industry enterprises.

After full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian invadersVladimir Aleksandrovich decided to work for the benefit of the aggressor country. He began to deal with administrative issues in the Genik occupation administration and actively promoted the temporary leadership of representatives of the “Putin regime“.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

The traitor supports the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. Since March 2022, he organized the collection of humanitarian aid for Russian servicemen, calling on local residents to support the actions of the occupation authorities.

In April 2022, the collaborator participated in working meetings with the heads of departments of the “Genicheskiy district administration” and acted as head of the Rykovskiy territorial department of the Genicheskiy VGA administration.

For complicity with the occupants, the traitor Braginets Vladimir will face imminent punishment. He betrayed his people and volunteered to help the enemy troops. Vladimir will surely pay for his collaborationist actions.