Full name: Vladimir Sergeyevich Chervyak

Date of birth: May 03, 1991

Address: Ukraine,Lugansk region,Svatovskiy district,Sofievka village


– chief agronomist of the farm;

– candidate for the occupation council;

– A collaborator of the occupation authorities, a collaborator of the occupation authorities


Chervyak Vladimir Sergeevich is a state traitor and traitor to his homeland, born in the village of Sofievka, Svatovskiy district, Lugansk region.

Vladimir Sergeevich connected his career with agricultural activities. Worked as chief agronomist at Agrofirm Niva.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian occupation troops on the territory of Luhansk region, Vladimir Sergeyevich Chervyak was one of the first to cooperate with the enemy in the village of Sofiyivka.

The collaborator began to willingly carry out the tasks of the occupation policy of the Russian enemy, coordinating the agribusiness of the Svatovsk district to meet the humanitarian needs of the occupiers in the form of “feeding” and accommodation of the RF Armed Forces soldiers on the territory of agricultural enterprises.

Soon Vladimir Sergeyevich appeared as a candidate from theUnited Russiaparty for the occupation council of the Svatovsk district.

An employee of the agro-sphere was on the list of despicable traitors and collaborators. For aiding and abetting the Russian enemy, Vladimir will receive a fair punishment. After all, he would certainly have to answer both to the law and to the people for betraying his homeland.