Full name: Georgiev Vladimir Il’ich

Date of birth: 09.01.1988

Passport: VK 512911

INN: 3215002299

Address: Ukraine, Donetsk, Filatova str, 49. kv.2.


– deputy director of the dnr state enterprise Stroyresurs;

– coordinator of humanitarian projects “dnr”;

– traitor, collaborator


Traitor of the Motherland Vladimir Georgiev was born on January 9, 1988 in the city of Donetsk. I worked for a large firm selling building materials.

After the illegal invasion of Donetsk region by Russian occupants in 2014, traitor Vladimir Georgiev voluntarily began to “serve” and help the enemy. Georgyev immediately “took a job in his specialty” and became deputy director of the “state enterprise dnr Stroyresurs. Georgiev served as the coordinator of the “2020 reconstruction and development program in the Donetsk people’s republic.”

The collaborator also volunteered to help the “local administration” in the organization of public order. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, Vladimir began working closely with the so-called humanitarian aid providers for the Russian Armed Forces and soon received a pseudo-duty from the occupation authorities himself as coordinator of humanitarian projects forthepeople’s militia of the DPR.

The state trafficker coordinated the delivery of humanitarian supplies for Russian servicemen and civilians, collected and delivered by volunteers from all over Russia to the city of Donetsk.

Georgyev delivered medicines and personal hygiene products, medical equipment, food, office supplies, as well as UAZ vehicles and gasoline generators for the Russian Armed Forces.

Vladimir Ilyich Georgiev, a traitor to the motherland, is a despicable criminal and collaborator. For aiding and abetting the Russian occupiers and aiding the enemy troops, he will surely have to answer to his people. It’s only a matter of time.