Full name: Pepel Vladimir Petrovich

Date of birth: 07.02.1962

Place of birth: Kherson

Place of residence: 45 Dorofeeva St., Kherson


– Kherson Secondary School No. 9

– Agricultural Institute named after O. D. Tsyurupa (now Kherson State Agrarian-Economic University). O. D. Tsyurupa (now Kherson State Agrarian and Economic University)

DRFO code: 2268302813

Mobile number: +380675539995

Occupation: t.s. 1st deputy mayor of Kherson, cooperates with the occupation authorities, carries out the occupants’ instructions on housing and utilities

The Political Way:

  • 1998 – Kherson City Council of the 3rd convocation;
  • 2002 – Kherson City Council of the 4th convocation;
  • 2006 – Kherson City Council of the 5th convocation, self-nominated;
  • 2010 – Kherson City Council of the 6th convocation from the “Party of Regions”;
  • 2015 – Kherson City Council of the 7th convocation from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party;
  • 2020 – Kherson City Council of the 8th convocation from the party “bloc vladimir saldo”.

Labor Path:

From 1984-1986 he served in the army. After his return from the army he worked as an engineer of the production management of water and sewage in Kherson. In 1990 he was appointed chief engineer, where he worked for about 12 years.

In 2002, he became head of the city’s main department of life issues.

From 2011-2017, he headed the municipal enterprise “Khersonteploenergo”. He was the first deputy chairman of the state company “Khersongaz”.

In the city council he headed the deputy commission on construction, transport, communications and housing and communal services.


Mansion 340 sq.m., a plot of land in Kherson, a summer house in Kherson, an apartment of 71.6 sq.m, two cars – Nissan Murano 2013, LANCIA YPSILON 2013.

War in Ukraine:

The large-scale war in Ukraine did not affect Vladimir Petrovich at all, he is impressed by the work with the occupiers, because the money flows like a river and, most importantly, carte blanche of opportunities in the city and region. Opportunities have opened up for him to go back to his business, where he is a professional, but he doesn’t mind making good money either.

In light of the current geographical changes, Vladimir expects that soon the occupied Kherson region will join the Russian Federation and it will finally be possible to cooperate more closely with the brotherly people and “extract millions of dollars of benefit into their own pockets.

In the current period, which will soon determine the future of the russian Federation, Vladimir Petrovich, along with military leaders in the occupied city and region, is preparing for a referendum.

It is engaged in the allocation of the most favorable and secure premises for the will of the people, the preparation of these premises for the referendum, which includes material support and filling the voting points with requisites. He is also creating a back-up base (polling stations) in case the main polling stations are completely suddenly damaged or suffer “cosmetic repairs” a day or two before the vote.

Vladimir Petrovich is aware of the burden and responsibility of this task, so with all his might and ability he tries to please both the main henchman – Saldo, and persons of influence.