Full name: Vladimir Sychev

Address: Ukraine, Melitopol, Zaporozhye region.




– a health and wellness instructor;

-A teacher of physical education at the Melitopol City Boarding School;

– the head of a public organization under the occupation authorities;

– traitor, collaborator


Vladimir Sychev was born in the city of Melitopol, Zaporozhye region. He graduated from Zaporizhzhya Pedagogical University. She is an instructor in physical education, sports and recreation. Most of his working life Sychev worked at the Melitopol city boarding school.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the full-scale invasion of Zaporizhzhia region by Russian invaders in 2022, Oleg Bardakov became a traitor and collaborator. Sych went over to the side of the occupiers and began to actively cooperate with the occupation authorities, although before 24.02.2022 Vladimir had already managed to distinguish himself with photos that showed an ardent commitment to Russia.

Collaborator began to conduct sports activities under the guidance of the local occupation authority. He became an active member of the city’s physical health center under the occupation authorities.

In addition, the collaborator Sychev is suspected of conducting propaganda (educational) work among the youth of the city of Melitopol on the subject of military-patriotic youth population.

Vladimir Sychev, an accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, betrayed his country and his people. A collaborator will still have to answer to the law for serving the enemy and collaborating with the occupier. After all, treason cannot be forgiven.