Full name: Tarasov Vladimir Grigorievich

Date of birth: 01.08.1955

Address: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Kamensk-Dneprovsky district, Velyka Znamenka, Lenina str;


higher– Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, specialty mechanical engineer (1983-1987);

Academic degree: Candidate of Agricultural Sciences;


– deputy of Zaporizhzhya Regional Council of V and VI convocations;

– entrepreneur, General Director of Soloha Agroindustrial Company LLC and Director of Konveer LLC;

– an official, first deputy chairman of the Kamensk-Dniprovsky District State Administration;

– Collaborator, collaborates with the occupation troops of the Russian Federation;



Married, raising a son.

Spouse – Nadezhda Yastrebova, born on August 2, 1973.

Sister-in-law Elena Sorochan (Yastrebova), born December 18, 1969.

His wife’s brother Victor Yastrebov, born on February 1, 1971.

His wife’s sister is Zoya Biryukova (Yastrebova), born on April 20, 1960.

Son Vladimir Vladimirovich Tarasov.



Official, businessman and traitor in one person – Vladimir Tarasov, was born in the sunny steppe village of Velika Znamenka, Zaporozhye region. Vladimir spent his school years there, among the fields, during his studies he decided to help his native land and wanted to learn a profession in the field of agronomy, namely as a mechanical engineer.

With the goal of becoming a mechanical engineer, Tarasov enrolled at the Melitopol Institute of Agricultural Mechanization in 1983. After graduating from the institute in 1987, he worked for some time in his native Zaporozhye region. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the extinction of the state agricultural sector, Vladimir Tarasov became an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. Some time later he headed two large agricultural enterprises: Soloha Agroindustrial Company LLC and Konveer LLC.

Vladimir’s own business was not enough and he goes into politics. Naturally, the Party of Regions, which in those days was becoming something like the so-called “party of power” in Ukraine, especially after Viktor Yanukovych came to power in 2010. From the same party twice (2006 and 2010) successfully ran for deputy in the Zaporozhye regional council. In the Regional Council he was a member and chairman of the Standing Committee on: construction, transport, communications and fuel and energy complex. At the same time, as he gained fame and popularity at home, for a while Tarasov worked as first deputy chairman of his native Kamensk-Dniprovsky district state administration.

After the events of Euromaidan and the beginning of Russia’s aggressive policy against Ukraine in early 2014, Vladimir Tarasov quietly continued his business in the new political realities. Therefore, he was able to earn favorable treatment from the authorities.

However, all that changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. Vladimir Tarasov, concerned about the safety of his business and family, betrayed Ukraine and was recruited by the so-called by the “occupation administration of the Russian Federation” to carry out certain tasks. “The Kremlin handlers assigned tasks to Vladimir based on his business. For example, the bathhouse that he owned is now used to wash enemy soldiers, special equipment from companies is used to strengthen the positions of the occupation troops of the Russian Federation, and trucks are used by the occupiers to solve their logistical issues. In return, Tarasov was given guarantees from Russian “representatives” about the inviolability of his business, his family, and him personally. It is worth mentioning that his son, also Vladimir, is a famous motorcycle racer and has glorified Ukraine with his sports victories, unlike his father, who betrayed his country and family.

No matter how Vladimir Tarasov is, and he is forever deprived of a quiet life and the opportunity to be photographed against the background of the Zaporozhye fields – he faces punishment (and possibly death) at the hands of relatives of the Zaporozhye citizens tortured and killed by the Russian military. And the hour of retribution moves inexorably toward its logical conclusion.