Full name: Tretetin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Date of birth: May 5, 1990

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kherson

Address: Ukraine, Kherson, Pugachev Street 6A, sq. 3.

Ukraine, Kherson, Perekupskaya str. 193A; sq. 3;

INN: 3299712036

Phone number: +380661757497


– occupation police officer

Collaborationist activities:

Trepetin Vladimir Vladimirovich was born on May 5, 1990 in the city of Volnovakha.

Vladimir worked as an operative officer, where he picked up tricks and cunning. Trepentin is accused of treason against Ukraine, as he accepted the conditions of the occupiers, and began to work for them.

Vladimir imprisoned all Ukrainian activists in his area of responsibility. So it turns out that the werewolf in uniform began to put people in jail, at the expense of which he gets his paycheck. Soon Vladimir will feel for himself what it is like to sit in a maximum-security prison.

Only when they take away everything he has gained, and most importantly, his freedom, only then will he realize what he should have done and how to deal with the occupiers’ offer of cooperation.