Full name: Volvach Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Date of birth: 09.03.1985

Place of birth: Zaporozhye Region, Tokmak District, Tokmak City

Places of residence:

Zaporozhye region, Tokmak district Molochansk

  • ul. Yuvileinaya street, 47;
  • ul. Kuibyshevskaya 58, apt. 6;
  • ul. Kosmicheskaya, 8


Zaporizhzhya region, Tokmak, School № 6

Higher education:

National University of Shipbuilding named after V.V. Lomonosov. Admiral Makarov, Nikolaev

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: СЮ36046

Identification number: 3111404399

Driver’s license: ARB055342

Personal vehicles: BMW

License plate: AR1868SO

Mobile numbers: +380617840194, +380962634769, +380617841186

Occupation: t.n. Acting Mayor of Tokmak in the Russian occupation administration


The Political Way:

2010 – member
“party of regions”

2010 – Mayor. Molochansk;

2014 – Mayor of the Molochansk City Council;

2015 Mayor. Molochansk from
“opposition bloc”

2022 – member of a political party
2022 – member of a political party; adviser to the mayor of Tokmak

2022 – t.n. Acting Mayor of Tokmak in the occupation administration of the Russian Federation.

Volvach Vladimir voluntarily defected to the occupants and was placed in the position of acting mayor of the city.

However, all residents of the city know that the legitimate mayor Igor Kotelevsky was asked politely to step aside and not interfere, but on May 7 it became known that the legitimate mayor Igor Kotelevsky died.

In his first days in office, Vladimir Volvach ordered that checkpoints be set up at all entrances/exits to the city and that no one be allowed out. According to local residents, this is how the occupation troops “closed the city” in order to find ATO/OSS participants and their families.

The occupation administration, together with Vladimir Volvach, deliberately creates a humanitarian disaster in order to accuse the Ukrainian government of neglecting its own population.

Also at the instigation of the so-called. Acting Mayor of Tokmak prohibits any movement in the city without an urgent need, even if it concerns the health of civilians (children and women).

Separately, it is worth mentioning the fact that looting has become more frequent in the city, many grocery stores are not working, including ATMs. However, the local authorities do not respond to this and continue in their appeals to the people to say that the infrastructure in the city is functioning and there are no problems.

From time to time Vladimir Alexandrovich makes recommendations to the civilian population, where he tells what benefits local residents will receive by using the rf passport.