Full name: Yavdyk Vladimir Ivanovich

Date of birth: May 19, 1984

Address: Ukraine, Skole, Lviv region, Leningradskaya ul. 1A

INN: 3081813354

Phone:+380674364370, +380962771480


– a former member of the military unit A2847;

– Chairman of the Commission of the Sokolev City Council on Environmental Issues;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupation authorities.


Traitor Vladimir Ivanovich Yavdyk was born on May 19, 1984 in the city of Skole, Lviv region. He served in the military unit A2847, which is located in Lviv. Apparently, military service taught Vladimir Ivanovich a great deal about his love of nature. So after his “term of service,” he returned to his hometown and took a position as chairman of the Sokolev City Council’s environmental commission. But his office was never clean and tidy. More likely corruption, deceit, and betrayal.

In 2016, the “conservationist” came up with a scheme to illegally catch fish using prohibited methods of mass destruction, which led almost to an ecological disaster in local water bodies and the loss of natural resources of national importance in the Skolevsky district.

Repeatedly, Vladimir Ivanovich Yavdyk has criticized the actions of the current Ukrainian authorities and declared the necessity of protest actions both in Skolevsky district and in the city of Lviv. He urged citizens to “get closer to Ukraine’s closest and most reliable partner” – Russia.

In 2020, Pest organized a “pseudo-activist” activity to expose “black loggers” and illegal logging on the territory of Skolevsky District, whose purpose was to demand and receive money from officials of state forestries and business entities that operated on the territory of Skolevsky District.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, Vladimir Yavdyk showed himself to be a traitor and collaborator. In March, he took an active part in protests with the blocking of the Kiev – Chop highway near the village of Razvadov, Mykolaiv district, Lviv region, to demonstrate support for the arrival of the “liberators. In March, he actively participated in protests blocking the Kyiv-Chop highway near Razvadov, Mykolaiv district, Lviv region, to demonstrate support for the arrival of the “liberators. Yavdyk also continues to pollute the air in social networks, where he openly welcomes the actions of the Rashists and believes in a happy future for Ukraine as part of Russia.

Thus, the real Ukrainophobe Vladimir Ivanovich Yavdyk showed everyone his rotten pro-Russian gut. But nature does not tolerate such things, and soon the collaborator will have to pay for all the damage caused to the country.