Full name: Vladislav Kovalchuk

Place of birth: Ukraine, Chernivtsi region

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Belozerka settlement


– an accomplice of the “Russian world;

– the occupation administration’s youth affairs officer;

– the organizer of the pseudo-referendum;

– traitor, collaborator


Kovalchuk Vladyslav – traitor of Ukraine and accomplice of the Rashists, who believed in the “Russian world” and went to the side of the enemy was born in Chernivtsi region. Vladislav distinguished himself with his separatist views and supported Putin’s occupation policy in Ukraine.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian occupants, the young boy was among those traitors and collaborators of the occupation regime, who in the first days of the war switched to the enemy side and became puppets in the hands of pro-Russian pseudo-government officials in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region, where the “promising collaborator” was employed by the occupation administration.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Voluntarily and on his own initiative Kovalchuk went to cooperate with the occupation authorities in the settlement of Bilozerska. During the occupation, the Rashist collaborator became “chairman of the youth council of the Bilozersk municipal district”.

He spoke at propaganda events organized by local gauleiters and representatives of the Putin regime. Collaborator participated in gatherings of “young activists”, took part in the promotion of cultural and public issues.

He also helped the occupants to organize and hold an illegal “referendum” on the withdrawal of Kherson region from Ukraine and joining the hostile country.On the eve of the elections planned by the Rashists in September 2023, the corrupt collaborator registered his candidacy from the political party “United Russia“.

After the liberation of Kherson, Kovalchuk, the so-called “chairman of the youth council of Bilozerska,” had to run away from a just punishment. He is currently hiding from the investigation in the temporarily occupied territory.

But the collaborator as it is not cool voluntarily signed his own verdict voluntarily switching to the side of the aggressor country and promoting anti-Ukrainian sentiments. He will definitely be court-martialed and given a fair punishment for his illegal actions against Ukraine and its people.

You’ll soon be caught red-handed. After all, there will be no place for collaborators in the vacated territories.