Full name: Zhokh Vladislav Vyacheslavovich

Date of birth: 14.01.1991

Place of birth: Zaporizhzhya region, Kamianka-Dneprovsky district, Kamianka-Dneprovsky city

Place of residence: Zaporizhzhya region, Kamianka-Dneprovsky district, Kamianka-Dneprovsky, 3 Moskovskaya str.

Identification number: 3325112475

Activity: collaborator, defector to the occupier, accomplice to crimes of the Russian Federation

Raising a daughter

Labor path/
service in the armed forces

Military unit A1414, Chernigov Region, Kozelets district, urban-type settlement Kozelets;

In/hr A2320, Crimea, Simferopol. Simferopol;

Military unit A3042, Zaporozhye region, Energodar;

2022 – employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;

2022 – an employee of the occupation authority of Kamianka-Dniprovsky;

He showed a desire to assist the russian occupation troops. It is part of the Kamianka-Dniprovsky district police department.

A supporter of the idea of the “Russian world,” he has repeatedly visited the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea, and has also been to Moscow.

He is engaged in petty tasks of the occupation authorities, namely: conducting surveillance of a potential target, beating up civilians, collecting data on the place of residence of ATO/OSS participants and their relatives, conducting social surveys with the population regarding their desire to be part of the Russian Federation.