Full name: Ponomarenko Vyacheslav Viktorovich

Date of birth: August 22, 1967

Place of birth: Lugansk

Places of residence:

Lugansk region, Troitskiy district, Troitskoye township

  • Pioneer Alley, 4A. 4А;
  • ul. 29, May 1.

Rank: Captain

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: EM384165

Identification number: 2470507032

Mobile numbers: +380991330787, +380505972553

Occupation: Head of the rural farm “Agrotrans

Labor/political activities:

A police officer of the Lugansk Executive Committee;

Senior District Inspector of the Troitsk District Department of Internal Affairs;

2017 – owner of the rural farm “Agrotrans;

2022 – Head of the rural farm “Agrotrans;

2022 – deputy of the Troitsk Village Council from the Luhansk Regional Party “opzzh”.

Collaborationist activities:

Voluntarily entered into a dialogue with the occupying troops. On his own initiative, he made an appeal to the local population, where he urged people not to try to resist.

He also warned the villagers that the occupation troops guaranteed everyone’s lives, but were giving some sort of ultimatum.

This condition was to move deeper into the village and disarm the local police station, and then set up its own checkpoint.

Moreover, he advocated the introduction of a curfew in the community. He warned local residents not to try to hand over to the Ukrainian armed forces the number and positions of the Russian Federation troops.

He sincerely believes in the words of the president of the Russian Federation about the demilitarization of Ukraine in order to establish a peaceful life through negotiations.