Full name: Yana Alexandrovna Baklazhkova

Date of birth: 18.06.1995

Address: Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Melitopol district, Chkalovo village.


– teacher by “Russian educational standards;

– A collaborator of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator


Baklazhkova Yana Alexandrovna – an employee of the educational sphere, a pro-Russian teacher who betrayed Ukraine and became an accomplice of the Rashists, was born in the village of Chkalovo, Zaporizhzhya region. Graduated from Melitopol State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Chemistry and Biology).

Before the war she worked as a teacher at the Chkalovskaya school. During her teaching career, the woman changed her Ukrainian position, although she taught her children to love Ukraine, but turned out to be a pseudo-patriot herself.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Baklazhkova turned out to be a despicable traitor and accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops began on February 24, 2022, she defected to the side of the occupiers, and her mother Yulia Shcherbak became an active participant in the referendum and elections. Now resides in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea.

And my daughter also immediately adjusted to the policy of the occupants and began the educational process according to the so-called “Russian standards of education”. She moved on to another pseudo-job – a teacher at Stepanovskaya school under the Russian tricolor.

The collaborator forced her pupils to draw pictures with Z symbols to support the russian Armed Forces, and told the children about a bright future in russia. Propagandizes “Russian peace” and advocates armed aggression.Forced children to learn the Rashist anthem .

She actively cooperates with the Russian police and representatives of the Federal Security Service. She is constantly writing denunciations against pro-Ukrainian fellow villagers. Repeatedly, on her tip-off, ordinary citizens were searched, detained, and some were tortured.

The Rashist teacher herself participates in all propaganda events, cultural gatherings of pseudo-activists, and has become a supporter of theUnited Russia party.

For teaching Ukrainian children “Russian peace” and collaborationist activities, as well as brainwashing Ukrainian children, Baklazhkova Yana Alexandrovna, as well as her traitorous mother will certainly answer before the tribunal, because they are accomplices in the crimes of the Russian occupiers against Ukraine and its citizens, for which she will certainly have to pay.