Full name:Yana Vladimirovna Kuraeva

Date of birth: 24.04.1992

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Novotroitsk district, village Divnoe, Shevchenko str.

Passport: MR 272313

TIN: 3371704263

Driver’s license: VAA 340673

Contactы: +380989657509

Email: [email protected]


– a former employee of a private enterprise;

– t.nz “Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Education of Kherson Oblast”;

– member of the “draft board” of the occupation authorities;

– an accomplice of the Russian occupiers, a collaborator.


The information on collaborators is taken from an OSINT community investigation:


Collaborator, who betrayed Ukraine and its people, became an accomplice of the enemy army and now “employed” under the Rashists Kuraeva Yana Vladimirovna – was born on April 24, 1992 in a small village of Novotroitskiy district of Kherson region. Graduated from Kherson State University. Worked in small private enterprises.

In 2022, after the arrival of Russian occupiers on the Ukrainian territories, Yana Volodymyrovna voluntarily defected to the side of the enemy and began working in the illegal authorities of the aggressor country, namely under the occupation administration.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

She agreed to the offer of the occupation authorities and voluntarily took the position of t.nz “chief specialist of the Ministry of Education of Kherson region”.

After her appointment, the collaborator, on the orders of the local gauleiters, developed the curriculum of the educational institution under her control according to the norms and requirements of the legislation of the aggressor state, namely in accordance with the requirements of the federal Rashist law “On Education in the Russian Federation”. Pupils were organized to be taught school subjects using Russian textbooks and in the language of the occupant. In addition, she urged Kherson teachers to work according to enemy standards and agitated for cooperation with the occupation authorities.

She supported the holding of the so-called “elections” in the “newly annexed territories”, agitated local residents to vote at a fake event and advocated Russian passportization. She agitated local residents to vote at a fake event and advocated for Russian passportization. Kuraeva openly supports the illegal actions of the occupiers in Ukraine, and has close working contacts with representatives ofUnited Russiaand Rashist public organizations. She acted as a member of the draft board at the VOT of Kherson region, participated in meetings and meetings that concerned mobilization from the “guardianship” of Gauleiter V.Saldo.

For aiding the occupation troops and introducing Russian education for Ukrainian children in Kherson region, the collaborator Kuraeva Yana will face imminent punishment. For support of illegal actions of the aggressor country concerning mobilization of the population of temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region, Kuraeva will definitely fall under the tribunal and will receive just punishment for high treason.