Full name: Kuzakov Egor Valentinovich

Date of birth: 06.03.1978

Address: Kherson region, Nova Kakhovka, Pribrezhny prospect, 18

Mob. phone: +380952958009, +380505893399

Passport: 132295435

INN: 2855419577

Occupation: former employee of the National Police of Ukraine


Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Traitor of Ukraine was born Kuzakov Yegor Valentinovich March 6, 1978 in the city of New Kakhovka.

Before the arrival of the occupation troops, Yegor Kuzakov worked as an officer of the National Police of Ukraine in the city of Nova Kakhovka. He served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

With the beginning of the occupation of Ukrainian territories, Yegor voluntarily cooperated with the Russian aggressor and, with the help of the invaders, obtained a position in the occupation police in Novaya Kakhovka. During his service for the occupants, he pursued pro-Ukrainian citizens and activists in the city of Nova Kakhovka.

In addition, Yegor Kuzakov is engaged in the robbery of property and real estate of the local population of the city. Supports the Russian Federation’s bloody war against Ukraine and war crimes against civilians. Together with servicemen of the armed forces of Russia, they loot in the abandoned houses of Ukrainian citizens evacuated from the occupied territory.