Full name: Kharmyshev Evgeny Alexandrovich

Date of birth: June 20, 1968

Place of birth: Donetsk region. г. Mariupol

Address: Donetsk region. г. Mariupol Boulevard Bogdan Khmelnitskogo str. 14 quarter. 17

г. Irpen, Kiev region, Sobornaya str. 118/19 sq. 40

г. Irpen, Kiev region, Sobornaya street 1/5

INN: 2500808336

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: VE981643

Driver’s license: ВХР760315




Mobile numbers: +380675014446

+380967946517 +380988401859



[email protected]


– Deputy of the Mariupol City Council from the “OPZZH” party

– Deputy Head of the Administration of Mariupol.


Labor Activities:

– Founder of Maxim Trading House LLC;

– Founder of Prizovia TV and Radio Company Ltd;

– Founder of OOO Palace of Sports;

– A deputy of the Mariupol City Council;

– Head of “irpenzhyloinveststroy”;

– Head of the Irpen City Council;

– Secretary of the occupation administration of Mariupol;

– The owner of LLC “TRK Priazovye”;

– Owner “Palace of Sports” Ltd;

– The owner of Café Papa Carlo LLC;

– Secretary of the Gostemel Village Council;

Collaborationist activities:

Kharmyshev Evgeny Aleksandrovich was born on 20.06.1968 in the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region.

Eugene developed in the field of private business, as evidenced by his work activities.

Aleksandrovich’s next step was to become a member of the OPZJ party, which he succeeded in doing.

With the coming of the war, Yevgeny A. volunteered to cooperate with the Russian occupiers, thanks to which he became secretary of the city council. As secretary during the humanitarian disaster in Mariupol, he leaked AFU positions to the occupants.

Yevgeny Aleksandrovich is facing a life sentence for his own actions, for his involvement in the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Businessmen of Irpen announced a reward for the head of Harmyshev in the amount of 10 thousand dollars in case of his death and 20 thousand dollars in case of transfer of collaborator Kharmyshev to employees of the Security Service of Ukraine.