Full name: Julia Viktorovna Chumakova

Date of birth: 01.12.1982

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region


– accountant;

– t.nz chief specialist of the department of financial and economic activity and procurement;

– a traitor, a collaborator.



Traitor of Ukraine, who before the war lived a peaceful life, but then believed in the “Russian world” – Chumakova Yulia Viktorovna was born on December 01, 1982 in the city of Kherson. Graduated from Kherson State University, Faculty of Economics and Humanities (specialty “finance”).

Yulia worked as an accountant at a local company and until February 24, 2022 the woman was “for peace in Ukraine”. and patriotism and other state concepts. But with the arrival of the occupation authorities in February 2022 on the territory of Kherson region Chumakova voluntarily defected to the side of the Rashist enemy and began working in the structures under the leadership of the Russian Federation in Kherson region.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Now the collaborator has established “cooperation” with the occupation administration and holds a position with the“Black Sea Biosphere Reserve” – one of the oldest biosphere reserves in the Kherson region, which was seized by the Rashists. Namely, the pseudo-patriot got a “new job” as chief specialist of the department of financial and economic activity and procurement.

The traitor and collaborator is working closely with local by Rashist militants and facilitates their activities against servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In her pseudo-job, Chumakova maintains documentation according to Russian accounting standards and performs various financial operations related to purchases in Rashist rubles. In social networks she shows how she earned money on “Russian world” while vacationing in Dubai.

Collaborator Chumakova demonstrated her joy at the “coming of Russia” and tried to “prove” herself in social and political activities. In anticipation of the Rashist elections in September 2023, the corrupt collaborator registered her pathetic candidacy from the LDPR party for the fake elections of deputies of the Golopristan municipal district .

For violation of the oath and service for the occupants Chumakova Julia Viktorovna awaits inevitable and severe punishment, which will come for her very soon. The accomplice of militants and terrorists will certainly answer to the law and end up in a prison cell herself.