Full name: Yuri Goncharov

Date of birth: 07.06.1961

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region, Skadovsk town


– former employee of private enterprises

– an employee of the Labor Department under the occupation authorities;

– t.nz deputy head of the social protection department under the occupants.


Goncharov Yuri – accomplice of the Russian occupation troops was born on June 07, 1961 in the town of Skadovsk, Kherson region. He has a college degree in economics. Graduated from Kherson State Agrarian University. He also did compulsory service in the Soviet Army (military unit 93992). As it turned out, Yuri Goncharov believed in the “Russian world” and as a result went over to the side of the occupiers.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders on the territory of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, in particular in the Kherson region, the collaborator began to support the arrival of the “liberators” and actively manifested his pro-Russian position.

Thus Yuri agreed to cooperate with the occupation authorities and set up in the temporarily occupied territories. temporarily occupied territories social activities in the temporarily occupied territories under the guidance of local gauleiters-pseudo-government officials.

Currently, Yuri Goncharov works in the Department of Labor and Social Policy of Skadovskiy municipal district and holds the position of “deputy head of the department of social protection of the population” in the illegal body.

In addition, he participates in Rashist propaganda activities. In fulfillment of his “official duties”, Goncharov was engaged in re-registration of Ukrainian documentation under Russian law and processed allowances and payments using the Russian ruble, as well as for those residents of the occupied district who had a Rashist passport. He came with demonstrative humanitarian aid to low-income families. In September 2023, the pseudo official took part in the fake rashist election process and registered his candidacy for the fake deputies of the United Russia party.

But a traitor can’t hide from the law. Collaborator Goncharenko will have to answer to the law for supporting the occupation troops,as well as for spreading pro-Russian sentiments and cynical attitude towards the people of Ukraine. Zhdun will be justly punished.