Full name: Kalinin Yuri Olegovich

Date of birth: May 22, 1996

Place of birth: Bryansk region, Seshcha settlement

Occupation: senior lieutenant, information warfare task force officer, war criminal

Place of residence:

  • Crimea, Simferopol, Kievskaya St., 171/1, sq. 40
  • Noginsk, SIC (Air Force SU) 30 Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


  • passport: 4610943780
  • TIN: 503120826990


  • Kia Picanto, license plate number M889AT82, vin: KNABX512BDT587008



Wife: Valeria Sergeevna Kalinina (Sokoreva)

Date of birth: 13.05.1999



Mother-in-law: Elena Pavlovna Chaika

Date of birth: 14.03.1973



Father-in-law: Sergei Valeryevich Sokorev

Date of birth: 05.03.1970



Biography of Yuri Kalinin

Yuri Kalinin was born on May 22, 1996 in the village of Seshcha, Bryansk region. At an early age he moved to Noginsk near Moscow. Competed in running events for the Moscow Sports School of Olympic Reserve (SDYUSHOR MO). Studied at the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (VUMO RF).

At least three times between 2014 and 2016, Kalinin took part in military parades on Red Square. After training, he was sent to occupied Crimea. Participated in the 2021 “victory parade” in Simferopol. Passed in a box of “the best control officers of the 22nd Army Corps (AC)”.

VKontakte Kalinin uses the pseudonym “Yuri Malinin”. He has as a friend a certain “Evgeny Krymov“, this profile belongs to Evgeny Tretyakov. As of the summer of 2022.he was the head of the department of information support for the 22nd AC.

Yuri Kalinin: war crimes

Units of this AC “made their mark” at the beginning of the full-scale war. It was they, together with units of the Airborne Troops, who captured the Kherson region and approached Mykolaiv. 22 AC then suffered a series of defeats before being knocked out of Kherson in November 2022 and pushed back behind the Dnipro. In 2023, the 22nd AC was reorganized into the 18th Combined Army (CA)

After the defeat of 22 AC in Kherson, Yuri Kalinin found himself in Karabakh as part of the “peacekeeping contingent of the RF Armed Forces”. He was spotted by local reporters when he recorded the protesters who were blocking the Lachin corridor. Kalinin then traveled to Ukraine again.


As of October 2023, Yuri Kalinin was a member of the IW Task Force. Organized shooting of staged plots in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region.

Kalinin is involved in torturing Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians in order to extract “necessary information” from them, as well as to force them to participate in propaganda plots.

He also glorifies the Rashists, denies their war crimes and accuses the AFU of them in the interests of the 18th Combined Army of the Russian Armed Forces. Its units are destroying homes and critical infrastructure on the right bank. Bombardments in Kherson region have consistently resulted in civilian casualties.

Yuri Kalinin’s family

Yuri Kalinin got married on Valeria Sokoreva on September 10, 2021. She is a native of Ukrainian Crimea and remained on the peninsula after the occupation. Kalinina received her architectural education at the “Crimean Federal University”. Currently doing interior design and renovations.