Full name: Kozlov Yury Alekseyevich

Date of birth: 11.10.1960

Place of birth: Kharkiv region, Izium

Place of residence: Kharkiv region, Izyum, Vasilkovskaya street 2, apt. 20.

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine: ММ452863

Identification number: 2219916356

Driver’s license: AVP458452

Mobile numbers: +380574321124, +380509845739, +380507235134

Occupation: t.n. executive director of the educational institution “stop corruption


Labor Path:

2019 – Head of Izyum city educational institution “stop corruption”;

2022 – Head of the Department of Physical Culture of Izyum City Executive Committee.

The Political Way:

2010 – elected to the Kartamys rural council, Pervomaisky district, Kharkiv region.

2020 – deputy of the Izyum council from the political party “Blok Svitlichnaya Razom”;

2020 – was nominated for mayor from the political party “Blok Svitlichnaya Razom”;

– Deputy of Izyum City Council.

Took part in separatist rallies, promotes narratives about a great rf and that war has broken out because of Ukraine’s current policies.

Together with Anatoly Fomichov, a former deputy from the Opposition political party, they organized rallies to elect a new “people’s mayor. Together with Fomichev, they came up with the idea of requesting help from the “fraternal people” of Russia to restore normal living standards, resume communication, and establish humanitarian aid.

He carried out corrective fire on critical infrastructure, in particular the Izyum Bridge, and also transmitted information to the Russian special services about the number and location of equipment and personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to carry out airstrikes.

Having subversive groups at his disposal, he collected information about Ukrainian activists, businessmen, servicemen and members of their families.

He disseminated information to people without means of communication that Kharkov and Kiev had been seized and that the government had been overthrown. He urged the local population to cooperate with the occupiers.