Full name: Kudinov Yuri Alexandrovich

Date of birth: 1972

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Belolutsk settlement, Moskovskaya str. 113

Phone: +380500368607


– teacher according to Russian educational standards;

– Director of the Belolutsk gymnasium under the occupants;

– collaborator, traitor


Kudinov Yuri Alexandrovich – a traitor to the Motherland, who devoted so many years of labor experience to Ukraine, but as a result of sneakily betrayed her, was born in the urban-type settlement of Belolutsk, Lugansk region.

Prior to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Yuri worked as a director of Belolutsk gymnasium and was a deputy of the Novopskovsky District Council of the 7th convocation. But with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian occupation troops into Ukraine, he actively expressed his support for the occupiers and voluntarily defected to the enemy.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

After the “liberators” came to the territory of Luhansk region, Yuri Kudinov voluntarily defected to the side of the occupation authorities and was appointed to the position of “director of the educational complex” in the said locality.

The traitor supports Russian educational standards and promotes anti-Ukrainian sentiments. The teaching staff was forced to cooperate with the Russian aggressor.

Also, the traitor does not believe that Ukraine will return all of its territories. I myself went to “advanced training” on the territory of the Russian Federation. He put pressure on teachers who refused to work with the occupation authorities, motivating them by “a decent future with the Russian Federation.

For his complicity with the occupation troops and his pro-Russian stance, Kudinov’s collaborator will soon face imminent punishment, which will soon befall the traitor.