Full name: Shchur Yuri Alexandrovich

Date of birth: April 20, 1973

Address: Ukraine, Shakhtersk, Donetsk region, Microdistrict 9, sq.87.

INN: 2677305115

Phone: +380505693151, +0713017176


– an employee of the internal affairs bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

– Head of the Shakhtersky district department of the “people’s militia of the DNR

– A state traitor, collaborator, and collaborator of the Russian occupiers.


Shchur Yuri Aleksandrovich was born on April 20, 1973 in Shakhtersk, Donetsk region.

The traitor decided to link his career with service in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. He was an employee of the Shakhter City and District Department of Internal Affairs. He also served in the police force in Makeyevka, Donetsk Oblast, and worked in the Interior Ministry in Kyiv.

During his service, Police Major Shchur Yuri Alexandrovich was remembered for corruption and “roofing”. In 2019, he provided an opportunity for a certain group of young people to pay off for the hooliganism they committed, namely the painting of buildings of cultural value in the city of Shakhtersk. Then the head of the Shakhter district police department did not impede the illegal activities of these individuals, in taking his cut for silence.

With the arrival of the Russian occupants in 2014, the renegade Yuri Shchur did not keep quiet. And gladly declared his desire to go over to the side of the enemy.

The abettor of the Russian occupiers betrayed his oath and joined the Russian-terrorist formations and became the head of the Shakhter city department of the “people’s militia of the DNR.

After February 24, 2022, the terrorist Shchur holds the post of chief of the Nikolsk (Volodarsk) district department of the “people’s militia of the DNR” with the rank of “lieutenant colonel.