Full name: Tantsyurenko Yuri Olegovich

Date of birth: March 14, 1981

Address: Ukraine, 73026, Kherson obl. 26, letter B, sq. 23

Phone: +380506730970


– notary in Kherson;

– an employee of the “Ministry of Justice” under the occupation authorities;

– traitor, collaborator


Tantsyurenko Yuri Olegovich – a man who violated the laws of Ukraine and went over to the side of the enemy was born on March 14, 1981 in the city of Kherson. He has a law degree. He practiced as an individual lawyer, opened his own office and provided notary services.

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, Yuri Olegovich turned to the side of the occupation authorities and began providing his legal services to the occupation authorities on the territory of the Kherson region.

Anti-Ukrainian and collaborationist activities:

Collaborator contributes to the activities of the russian military and openly supports the occupation of Ukraine by the russian armed forces.

Tantsyurenko Yuri voluntarily cooperated with the occupation authorities and continued to engage in notarial activities under Russian law. He swore an oath to the aggressor country, thus betraying all Ukrainian state norms. He received a certificate of attorney № 15 from the occupation authorities of the Kherson region, the data on the registration of the lawyer was entered in the Russian register of the Ministry of Justice under the number 95/15.

Instead of being on the side of the law, the state traitor Tantsyurenko sneakily violated it and betrayed his state, becoming an accomplice of the Russian occupiers. Soon the traitor will answer for this and end up in the dock himself, because that’s what he deserves.