Full name: Yuri Ivanovich Ternavsky

Date of birth: March 26, 1968

Address: Ukraine, Mariupol, Donetsk region, str. Gagarina, 218

INN: 2492212895

Passport: VA862966

Phone: +380676287000, +380984924777



– businessman, owner of a chain of pharmacies;

– CEO of the company;

– sponsor l/dnr;

– An accomplice of the Russian occupation authorities, an apostate, and a collaborator


Yuri Ivanovich Ternavsky was born March 26, 1968 in Mariupol in a simple family of workers. My father worked atAzovstal, my mother at Azov Shipyard. He studied at School No. 15 in the city of Mariupol. I went to work right after graduation.

Ternavsky began his career by working at the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol.

But in 1986 he was called up for compulsory military service. After returning from the service, he continued to work at the combine and then became director of the restaurant “Chaika”.

In 1995, Ternavsky still received a higher education at the Donetsk State Commercial Institute, specializing in engineering and technology.

On April 22, 1998 he was appointed Deputy General Director of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Head of the Catering Department of the Works.

In addition, Yuri Ternavsky began to open his own business. The entrepreneur owns a chain of stores called Nasha Marka and a network of pharmacies called Azovpharm and Apteka Narodnaya in the Donetsk region. He is the General Director ofMariupol Milk Plant.

In addition to his business empire, Ternavsky has established a political career. Since 2004, the traitor has been a deputy of the Mariupol City Council.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian occupying forces, Yuri Ternavsky, owner of a chain of pharmacies, a dairy plant, and several grocery stores, was a very active volunteer at the beginning of the war. He prepared bomb shelters, brought water and helped people with food.

Over time, the businessman betrayed his people and defected to the Russian occupation authorities. Organized meals for the Russian military in Mariupol in March 2022. I re-registered my business and received the appropriate documents in Russia.

Yuri Ternavsky, in agreement with the occupants, also opened a pharmacy in the village of Yalta, Mariupol district, and began supplying medical supplies to the enemy army. And in May 2022, the collaborator Ternavsky tried to seize “power” in the city and become the so-called head of the occupation administration of Mariupol.

Deputy and businessman Yuri Ivanovich Ternavsky was among the despicable traitors to his homeland. For aiding the enemy and criminal acts of treason the treasoner is awaiting the tribunal. Revenge is near.