Full name: Agmerzoev Zelimkhan Maulovich

Date of birth: 12.04.1978

Place of birth: rf,
Rostov region, Zavetinsky district, village Kichkino

Occupation: War criminal, terrorist, commander of the 3rd company of the Chechen National Guard regiment Lt. Col.

Places of residence:

  • Chechen Republic, Gudermessky district, Dzhalka village, ul. im. Amkhat Delimkhanov, 17


  • Passport: 9609/197152
  • nickname: 14505540739


Biography of Zelimkhan Agmerzoev:

Zelimkhan Agmerzoev was born in the village of Kichkino, Rostov region. He lives in the village of Dzhalka in the Chechen Republic. In 2008, Ramzan Kadyrov awarded Agmerzoev the Medal for Merit to the Chechen Republic. At that time, with the rank of senior lieutenant of police, he commanded a company of the police regiment of the UVO under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic. It is also known that Agmerzoev was the commander of the of the 3rd Company of the Police Regiment of the Extra-departmental Security Directorate of the National Guard of the Chechen Republic. The last known rank of a Kadyrovtsy officer is lieutenant colonel.

According to Russian media reports, Zelimkhan Agmerzoev may now have something to do with the Neftepolk special unit, which Kadyrov created in August 2022. Propagandists present it as “elite.”

Agmerzoev has close relations with Chechen leaders. Specifically with Kadyrov’s cousin. Adam Delimkhanov. And also with Adam’s own brother and part-time head of the Rosgvardiya Department in the Chechen Republic Sharip Delimkhanov (and Adam Delimkhanov’s brother).

Crimes of Zelimkhan Agmerzoev:

According to Russian media, Zelimkhan Agmerzoev is involved in the murder of a Grozny resident Movsar Umarov. He was kidnapped by security forces in 2020, after which Umarov was never seen again. The local publication 1ADAT reported that Agmerzoyev and three other Chechen law enforcers were guilty of killing a civilian.

It is noteworthy that the authorities of the Chechen Republic did not punish Agmerzoev, but encouraged him in every possible way. This shows that Kadyrov is personally covering up for the murderer. And this is not surprising, given Agmerzoev’s close ties with Chechen leaders.

It was due to his corrupt connections with the Chechen leadership that Zelimkhan Agmerzoev was allowed to organize criminal activities in the occupied territories of Zaporizhzhya region. Namely in Melitopol district.

According to, Agmerzoev organized torture chambers in the occupied territories and also engaged in extortion of money. Ukrainian law enforcers are already aware of this character. Therefore, we are sure that he will be severely punished in the near future.