Full name: Berezhnaya Zoya Yakovlevna

Date of birth: 03.10.1961

Address: Ukraine, Kherson region. г. Kherson, 24 Sobornaya St., apt. 10; 28 Chernomorskaya St., apt. 95; 5A Patona St., apt. 80;

+380675516863, +380503629422;

[email protected];

Passport: MO 491010, issued March 17, 1998.


-Higher education, Kherson Pedagogical Institute, specialty teacher of Russian language and literature (1979-1983);


– Deputy Director for Educational Work at School No. 9 in Kherson;

– deputy of the Kherson city council;

– chief specialist of the Department of Humanitarian Policy of the Kherson City Council;

– Acting. the head of the Kherson city council;

– Secretary of the Kherson City Council;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;





Married, no children.

Official and traitor Berezhnaya Zoya Yakovlevna, maiden name Bebko, was born October 3, 1961 in the village Zalazko Kamen-Kashirsky district, Volyn region. After finishing school in 1979 Zoya moved to Kherson and entered Kherson Pedagogical Institute to master the profession of a teacher of Russian language and literature.

After graduating from the institute, she worked for a while as a teacher in the rural Tyagin school in the Berislavsky district of the Kherson region. In 1986 Zoya got a job at city school #9 in Kherson as the deputy director of educational work. Berezhnaya worked at the school for 12 years and quit in 1998.

Zoya Berezhnaya’s political career began in 1998, when she ran for deputy of the Kherson city council and received a mandate after the elections. It is worth mentioning that from 1994 to 1998 she was a deputy of the district council of the Komsomolsk district of Kherson from the pro-Russian party “Party of Regions. In the City Council, she has held various positions, ranging from chief specialist for humanitarian policy to acting officer. of the head of the City Council from 2012 to 2014. By the way, she was temporarily acting mayor, and now a well-known collaborator and so-called. “head of the occupation administration of Kherson” Vladimir Saldo. From 1998 to 2012 she was a deputy of the Kherson City Council from the “Party of Regions”, before her appointment as acting deputy. the head of the city.

During the tragic events of 2014, Zoya contacted Russian handlers. The latter were urging her to take part in the creation of the so-called “Kherson People’s Republic” and provide any assistance to pro-Russian forces in the city. At the same time, on February 28, 2014, she intentionally resigned as interim head of the City Council. Despite her desire to help her “friends” after the Ukrainian special services started working to identify separatists, she carefully “merged” with the offer, but she did not inform the SBU officers about her connections. It is also known that she is now assisting the so called. “Kherson occupation administration” financially, fearing active actions and a criminal case for high treason.

However, Zoya’s “inconspicuousness” will not save her, because she has already been seen cooperating with the occupiers, who are keeping the civilians of Kherson in terror. And for that she will have to answer to her former voters.