Worldly name:
Alexander Ivanovich Kudryashov

Date of birth: 03.10.1939

Place of birth: s. Rudzaty (Latvia)

Position/title: Metropolitan of Riga and All Latvia

Countries of influence: Latvia

Brief Biography

83- years Metropolitan Alexander (Kudryashov) of Riga and All Latvia was born in Latvia. In Soviet times he worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature. In 1989, he graduated by correspondence from the Moscow Theological Seminary. He was elevated to the rank of metropolitan in 2002.

Agent activity

Although the Latvian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate has condemned the Russian invasion and generally has a fairly consistent position on the issue, it has one weakness: Metropolitan Alexander.

In 2018, the archives of the Latvian branch of the KGB found a record card of the metropolitan, according to which he had been recruited in 1982 with the agent pseudonym “Reader.” Figures in the “Peacemaker” database.

Kudryashov was recruited by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Ischenko of the 5th Division of the 4th Division of the Latvian KGB. After being recruited, Ishchenko began to actively promote his ward. Metropolitan Alexander later granted his handler the right to manage the restitutionary property. For this purpose, Ishchenko created commercial organizations and in 1996 received a power of attorney on behalf of the Synod, according to which he was able to manage and receive income from buildings in Riga, which belong to the Latvian Orthodox Church.