Full name: Semchenko Alexander Anatolievich

INN: 2855700078

Date of birth: March 9, 1978.

Address: Donetsk, Shekspira Street 23, kv. 42.


– Doctor of Political Science, host, publicist ;

– YouTube blogger;

– A pro-Russian expert political scientist and journalist;

– A regular guest on Russian talk shows



Aleksandr Anatolyevich Semchenko is a doctor of political science and part-time separatist who undermines the national security of Ukraine. Alexander Semchenko is one of the most well-known pro-Russian bloggers in Ukraine, who have been discrediting the current government in Ukraine for a couple of years in a row and favoring the actions of the Russian Federation.

The publicist, or to be more precise, propagandist Semchenko Alexander comes from the city of Donetsk. He was born on March 9, 1978. He comes from an ordinary family: his father worked as a driver and his mother worked in a factory. He received three higher educations. He graduated from Donetsk State University with a degree in political science.

Labor Activities:

Alexander has been working since his student days. At first he worked in research centers and government agencies. He was a member of the election headquarters of a presidential candidate. Before moving to Kiev, Alexander took a job as a journalist-political columnist for the Don and Bas Salon newspaper.

For some time Semchenko worked as a professor of economics (after defending his doctorate) at the Kiev University of Trade and Economics. He was also an employee of an energy company. After graduate school, Semchenko returned back to Donetsk, where he took the position of deputy director of the heating network.

After a couple of years, he moved into public service (National Energy Conservation Agency), also as deputy director. Then he changed the field of activity again and moved to the tax service in Dniprodzerzhynsk, where he was the head, but was dismissed due to lustration.

In all, the political scientist has three red diplomas. He defended his Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations and received his PhD in political science. Semchenko was once elected deputy of the regional council and even ran for president of Ukraine.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

A very “versatile personality,” Aleksandr Semchenko became famous for his sharp political stance and scandalous escapades in live TV shows. Since 2014, his anti-Ukrainian stance has become very prominent in all the media.

Thus, propagandist Semchenko actively spreads fake information about the war in Ukraine and undermines the people’s trust in the government. He has been involved in many scandals, including fights with officials on live TV. He is a frequent guest on Russian TV shows, and is a guest expert on political programs and talk shows, discussing situations in Ukraine.

The disgraced “political scientist” pays visits to Moscow to participate in the propaganda “evening of Solovyov. He takes a pro-Kremlin stance and engages in polemics with his compatriots who oppose him. Semchenko was repeatedly accused of complicity with the “Putin regime.

The pro-Russian expert-politologist also hosted a program on Russian RadioVestifor a while, but apparently did not fully “satisfy” the propagandists’ informational needs and was dismissed for “excessive subjectivity.

Reaction to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation:

That’s why Alexander Semchenko is starting his own blog on YouTube. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Semchenko collaborated with propagandists Kirill Stremousov, Dmitry Vasylets, and Anatoly Shariy. The pseudo-expert spreads fake maps of conquests, sneers at the defense of “territorial integrity,” and discredits the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, Semchenko claims that the Ukrainian army uses citizens as human shields and causes more damage to infrastructure than the Russians. Since Semchenko calls the war in Ukraine exclusively civil, the participants of the ATO (OOS) are “murderers” for him, and he does not miss an opportunity to remind about this in his videos – even in those that do not refer to the ATO (OOS) at all. Semchenko repeatedly spoke with anti-Ukrainian rhetoric, speaking ambiguously about the Holodomor and the soldiers of the Heavenly Hundred.

The so-called political scientist even offered the Russians a way to seize Ukrainian territories as quickly as possible. According to him, “the only way to attack Kyiv is through Donetsk; that if they break through Donetsk and Luhansk, then the road to Kyiv is open. It’s only 160 kilometers through Chernihiv,” the defector Semchenko brazenly declared, urging the Russians to occupy all of Ukraine.

Alexander Semchenko is a paid pseudo-expert working for the Kremlin. All of his activities are built on spreading fakes, and unsubstantiated accusations against most officials and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The expert political scientist is engaged in blatant anti-Ukrainian activities and contributes to the Russian Federation’s information war. But for his openly pro-Russian stance, “Kremlin blogger” Aleksandr Semchenko will still suffer a fair punishment for the harm done to his state.