Full Name: Alexei Leonidovich Kiprin (call sign “Bars”)

Date of birth: 02.04.1992

Occupation: war criminal, commander of assault company, junior lieutenant of the russian armed forces

Places of residence:

  • c. Krasnoye Selo, Osvobozhdeniya str. 33, k. 1, lit. A, square 30.
  • c. St. Petersburg, Partizan Gherman St., 41, sq. 64
  • c. St. Petersburg, Tambasova str. 24, corp. 1, square 59


  • passport: 4012655543
  • passport: 3715425707
  • passport: 4005697449
  • passport: 6519122201
  • TIN: 780726406586
  • SNILS: 17825405285



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Wife: Diana Igorevna Bogomolova

Date of birth: 19.07.1994



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Son: Maksim Alekseevich Kiprin

Date of birth: 02.08.2017

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Son: Matvey Alekseevich Kiprin

Father: Leonid Ivanovich Vodomerov

Date of birth: 16.05.1964



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Mother: Kiprina (Trotskaya) Natalia Nikolaevna

Date of birth: 23.11.1954

Phone: +79217902475


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Brother: Nikolai Sergeevich Kiprin

Date of birth: 10.02.1981

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Biography of Alexei Kiprin

Alexei Kiprin was born on April 2, 1992. In 2011-2012, he served in the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade (v/h 02511). In his social networks he indicated that as of 2014 he was studying at the Faculty of Correctional Pedagogy at the Russian State Pedagogical University named after А. I. Herzen.

Alexey Kiprin: War Crimes (2014-2017)

Since November 2014, Alexey Kiprin has been a mercenary in the illegal armed groups in Donbass. According to the documents he served in the so-called “militia “lnr” (4 separate brigade, 6 motorized rifle company, 2 machine gun platoon, 2nd machine gun squad) in the rank of private as a driver.

In fact, Kiprin went to the Donbass as a sanitary instructor in the DSMG “Rusich” commanded by neo-Nazi Alexei Milchakov. This unit is widely known for mass facts of war crimes against Ukrainian civilians and captured AFU fighters. Milchakov himself confessed in interviews to torture and extrajudicial executions of prisoners of war with particular cruelty.

Apparently, it was during that period of his “service” that Kiprin got a taste for war crimes. After the “Rusich” DSHRG became part of the “Prizrak” brigade in 2015, Kiprin moved there as well. He fought near Bakhmutka and in the area of the 30th roadblock, at that time he held the positions of scout and gunner.

In 2017, Kiprin returned to rf. He tried to find work in private security, as an expediter, ambulance attendant or commandant. In 2017, he was a security shift supervisor at Balt Leader LLC. Then he went to the factory. He worked as a molder at JSC St. Petersburg Tractor Plant and as an engobe preparer at CJSC KSP. Had a lot of credits.

Alexei Kiprin: War Crimes (2022-…)

Apparently it was his poor financial situation and love of war crimes that prompted Kiprin to return to war again. After the beginning of the full-scale invasion in Ukraine by the rf, he officially joined the rf army. He was promoted to the rank of officer and served as an assault company commander. He was awarded the Order of Courage and the Cross of St. George, 4th degree.

June 02, 2024 a video has surfaced online that was filmed by Kiprin himself. It shows Rashists convoying Ukrainian prisoners of war in Kharkiv region. They were forced to sing the anthem of the Soviet Union, then rashists started beating them and shooting near their heads.

The video ends at the moment when one of the captured AFU fighters can no longer get up after the beating, after saying “he’s done” – Kiprin smirks and turns off the camera. The fate and identities of the POWs in this video are unknown at this time.

Ukrainian ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets has already stated that what was happening in the video was a flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions. He specified that he has already approached the UN and the Red Cross to document this fact for a future international tribunal.

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine reported that after the publication of this video, a pre-trial investigation into the violation of laws and customs of war (part 1, article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) was launched under the procedural guidance of the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Alexei Kiprin’s family

Alexei Kiprin married Diana Bogomolova in 2021, with whom he already had a child in common at that time. They are now raising two young sons together, Maxim and Matvey. The family lives in the town of Krasnoye Selo, which is part of the municipality of St. Petersburg.