Full name: Bondarenko Alexey Vladimirovich

Date of birth: May 23, 1983

Place of birth: Mariupol, Ukraine

Occupation: collaborator, marauder

Address of residence:

  • г. Mariupol, Residential Complex “Nevsky
  • г. Mariupol, 84 Mashinostroitelnaya St., apt. 67
  • г. Mariupol, Oleko Dundicha Street 59a, sq. 48


TIN: 3045803976 (Ukrainian)

Passport: BB 826422 (Ukrainian)

Phone: +380963021593


Father: Bondarenko Vladimir Alexandrovich


Mother: Svetlana Viktorovna Bondarenko


Sister: Guseva (Bondarenko) Lyubov Alexandrovna


TIN: 3142703007 (Ukrainian)

Phone: +380668471538

Brother: Bondarenko Fedor Vladimirovich


TIN: 3301001752 (Ukrainian)

Passport: NOT 461858 (Ukrainian)

Phone: +380963065925, +380678308286

Alexey Bondarenko: biography

Alexey Bondarenko was born May 23, 1983 in the city of Mariupol. He graduated from Local School #30 in 1998. Then he received a technical education at the Mechanical and Metallurgical Technical School (he graduated in 2002). At the time of the occupation of the city he worked at the MMK. Illicha.

It is noteworthy that Bondarenko is subscribed in social networks to the communities “Work St. Petersburg,” “Donbass in St. Petersburg. Displaced Persons, Refugees. Apparently, even before the full-scale invasion he went to Russia to work.

Collaboration activities

In the video of Putin’s visit to Mariupol, he is standing near the Nevsky housing estate wearing a metallurgical plant’s overalls. Next to him is his friend Dmitry Lotkov. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bondarenko lived at 84 Mashinostroitelnaya Street, apartment 67. This house was first destroyed by the Rascists during the storming of the city, and then demolished in order to cover up the traces of their crimes.

However, the fact that the occupiers destroyed his home does not seem to confuse Bondarenko. After all, as a reward for his loyalty, he received a new apartment in the Nevsky Residential Complex. Although he did not say a word during his meeting with the Kremlin dictator, the people of Mariupol will not forget Bondarenko’s complicity in creating a propaganda picture of a “little paradise” in the middle of the ruined city.