Full name: Anastasia Yelsukova (Bozhenko)

Date of birth: February 11, 2003

Place of birth: Lugansk

Cell phone: +380721078884



The young journalist-propagandist Yelsukova Anastasia was born on February 11, 2003 in the city of Lugansk. Despite her young age, the girl has a pronounced political stance on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

After all, Yelsukova began covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine almost immediately after it began. She herself is a native of Luhansk, which was occupied back in 2014. It was engaged in creating materials about the so-called“referendum” on the annexation of the invaded territories to the Russian Federation, as well as about how life was supposedly improving in cities destroyed by the Russians.

The propagandist is an activist of the so-called “patriotic association of Donbass,” a photo correspondent for many publications of the “Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. Lately, Yelsukova has been working for one of the most prominent propaganda platforms in Russia. Anastasia is a war correspondent for the Readovka portal.

Full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation:

As a representative of Russia’s propaganda media, military correspondent Yelsukova participates in propaganda activities of the aggressor country against Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, Eslukova has been actively covering the Russian Federation’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The girl had already filmed reports on “mop-ups” in Lysychansk and the work of the Russian Armed Forces in the Soledar direction, chronicling the “liberation of Donbass.

On January 21, 2023, the journalist, along with other Russian propaganda correspondents from Channel One, went to Soledar to perform an “editorial assignment. As a result of the initial shelling, she received “several shrapnel wounds. It is reported that she sustained injuries to her hip and knee.

The war correspondent herself claimed that at the time of the shelling she was at the “Salt” railway station. During the flight she was hit in the knee by shrapnel, and was given first aid by the mercenaries of theWagner group.

According to the treating doctor from the “LNR”-, Yelsukova has a gunshot fracture of the femur with a multiple splintering. Then, pseudo-journalistic publications of the “Luhansk people’s republic” covered touching footage of military correspondent Anastasia Yelsukova meeting with her family after surgery. Her mother and her young man, another Russian terrorist serviceman , a member of the Svoboda, came to the hospital in Luhansk to visit her.

Apparently, Nastya herself is not at all discouraged and sends “flaming greetings” to all the enemies, in her opinion, who wanted to get rid of her. There are suspicions that the hospital will not cure journalist Yelsukova of such a serious and contagious disease, which all Russian propagandists constantly suffer from.

After all, young people like Anastasia Yeslusukova have already caught “Putin’s information plague” and are poisoning the atmosphere every day with brazen lies, propaganda, and fake news. And somehow I want to believe that along with the healing of the knee, Nastya will heal her brain, because further relapses can be very damaging to the young body.