Full name: Anatoly Anatolyevich Shariy

Date of birth: August 20, 1978

Place of birth: Ukraine, Kiev

Address: European Union.


– journalist, youtuber, entrepreneur, politician.


His first wife, journalist Olga Rabulets, was, as of March 2012, editor of a number of glossy magazines, Love, Your Health, Your Baby, and Happy Parents. In May 2012, they divorced. From this marriage, Shariy has a daughter Yekaterina, born in 2011.

His second wife is journalist Olga Bondarenko, with whom he became engaged in 2013 in the European Union. Married no later than 2017. Olga took her husband’s surname – Shariy. He is the editor-in-chief of the Sharij.net website and is also a blogger. In February 2020, the media reported on the birth of Olga and Anatoly’s child.


Anatoly Shariy, a propagandist with an inflated ego and an incurable thirst for money and attention, became known to the general public in the second half of the noughties. Before that, the occupation of the former cadet of the Kiev Higher Engineering Tank School was very questionable.

He made a living from petty scams, not so much to make a living as to deal with the consequences of gambling addiction. At one point it even came to the point of a suicide attempt. But religion came to the rescue, according to the failed suicide bomber himself.

In 2005, Shariy began his journalistic activities. At first he limited himself to columns in glossy glossy magazines, later he wrote for more serious publications.

In his second year on the job, Anatoly realized that investigative journalism was once again the latest craze, and therefore worth a shot as a whistleblower.

His breakthrough in this genre was a piece on the use of children by professional beggars in the capital.

And then strange things started to happen. First, Sharii himself fired a traumatic gun at an unknown man who was insulting him on the premises of a fast-food place.

Then his car was fired upon in the courtyard of an underground casino while Anatoly and the “1+1” crew were locked inside by fleeing employees. Both episodes became the basis of criminal cases.

The essence of the charges in the first case is clear, but in the second case the noble provocateur was suspected of staging an assassination attempt. In the Ukrainian reality, both cases could have been hushed up in theory, but their figure crossed the path of Anatoly Mogilev, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs personally, one of Yanukovych’s favorites.

Cooperation with the Russian Federation

It is not known for certain who came out to whom first – Anatoly Shariy or the Russian special services. By a surprising coincidence, immediately after the victory of Euromaidan, the pseudo-refugee on his YouTube channel began to brand the new Ukrainian government, to which he was supposed to be grateful for the overthrow of the criminal regime.

Day after day, Shariy repeated the Kremlin’s propaganda theses, ducking Russian-speaking audiences around the world. If necessary, he even appeared on TV talk shows in the aggressor state, in order to demonstrate that Poroshenko and his entourage are much worse than those from whom he fled.

The popularity of Anatoly Shariy came instantly – he immediately found himself in the tops of YouTube, which would have been extremely problematic for an ordinary beginner blogger, but for special services with solid budgets, the impossible is not enough.

This is how Anatoly Shariy became the star of the cotton YouTube and even earned the nickname “Cockerel” there. The etymology of the nickname is unclear, but very popular.

Political Career and Prosecution

In February 2021, Anatoly Shariy was declared a suspicion by the Security Service of Ukraine under two articles (high treason and violation of equal rights of citizens).

According to the Ukrainian media, the SBU concluded that “since 2012, via social networks, electronic media and Russian TV channels, Shariy assisted state and non-governmental structures of the Russian Federation in conducting special information operations.

In May 2022, the Security Service of Ukraine announced that Anatoly had been detained in Spain, he was suspected of treason. The blogger was detained on an international warrant, after which he was released on his own recognizance.

Shariy was waiting for a court decision on extradition, because the political asylum granted to him in 2012 in the EU was revoked in January 2022.