Full name: Golembiovskaya (Bykova) Anne Igorevna

Date of birth: 10/25/1991

Place of residence: Kiev, 23, sq. 4, Elena Teligi str.

Phone number: +380632161799

Passport: 130815302/Me840341

INN: 3353513582

Driver’s license: WHT298596

Position: Political technologist of the anti-Ukrainian “Party of Shariya

Family: Zheleznyak Mikhail Anatolievich 25.04.1985

INN: 3116115159

Passport: 136622654

Phone number: +380672208560

Anti-Ukrainian activities:

Distribution of anti-Ukrainian propaganda and cooperation with organizations of the aggressor country.

After the full-scale invasion began, she left for Estonia, where, disguised as a Ukrainian refugee, she works for the Russian-language publication DELFI.

In February 2022, in an interview with the pro-Russian YouTube channel “Pervy Kozatsky,” she said that Ukraine was forming a right-wing radical TRO unit that would be given weapons and allowed to die as “cannon fodder.

In 2018, Anna Bykova divorced Sergei Bykov, began working as a political technologist for the pro-Russian Shariy party, and married Mikhail Zheleznyak, who later headed the Kiev, Lugansk, and Cherkassy organizations of the Shariy party.

In 2014, after the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the media promoted narratives about an alleged “civil war in Ukraine,” the need for direct negotiations with pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied territories, forced Ukrainianization, which allegedly splits society, and Ukraine’s illegal prosecution of Viktor Medvedchuk.

In 2014, she founded and led the AG political agency group.