Full name: Artem Yevgenyevich Bugaev

Date of birth: December 17, 1996

Address: Ukraine, Lugansk region, Belovodsk district, Belovodsk village, 14 Mayskaya str;

DRFO: 3541512012

EN 914226


[email protected]

Driver’s license:


– An employee of the Bilovodskiy Department of the Main Directorate for National Security of Ukraine in the Luhansk region;

– t.s. “an employee of the Belovodsk department of the LNR Interior Ministry;

– Collaborator, collaborator of the Russian occupants;




He is not married and has no children.

Mother – Elena Bugayeva, born October 5, 1976.

“Politsay” in the service of the Russian occupants – Artem Yevgenyevich Bugayev, born December 17, 1996 in the settlement of Belovodsk, Luhansk Oblast. Bugayev spent his childhood in this typical Lugansk village. While still in school, Artem decided he wanted to serve in the police force and protect the streets of his native Belovodsk from crime and lawlessness.

Upon graduation from school, Artem gets a job as a policeman in the Belovodsk District Department of the State National Police of Ukraine in the Lugansk region. During his time in the Belovodsk police, he “pumped up” and had a great life – service, sports, drinking with friends.

However, everything changed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. After the Russian occupation forces entered Belovodsk, Artem Bugaev did not offer resistance, violated his oath and went over to the side of the invaders. The latter appointed him the so-called. “an employee of the Belovodsk department of the LNR Interior Ministry. Artem’s main “job” in the so-called “The Belovodskii Department of the LNR Interior Ministry” was to participate in anti-guerrilla raids by the occupation administration and to pass information on the families of Ukrainian AFU servicemen and employees of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry to the occupiers.

Artem does not even realize that he will have to answer for his treachery. And the punishment for him will be harsh and inevitable.