Collaborators of Vodiane : what is known about the participants of the feast in Zaporizhzhya region, who in a drunken frenzy swore Putin in love.

The other day the Ukrainian infospace was shocked by a video where residents of the occupied village of Vodyanoye in Zaporizhzhya region (Vodyanoye’s collaborators) listen to the Rashist anthem, sing songs about “beloved Russia” and confess their love for Putin.

It is hard not to notice that most of those present speak Ukrainian or Ukrainian-Russian surzhik.

On the wall of the establishment, where the collaborators are happily drinking alcohol, hang the flags of rf and Zhirinovsky’s LDPR party. Party participants honor the deceased Ukrainophobe with a moment of silence.

Who are these people and why are they so excited about the occupation? The team decided to find out. We were able to identify most of the attendees at the feast. As it turned out, these are mostly marginalized villagers who have known each other for a long time and have been promoting the “Russian world” for years.

Even before the occupation, they liked to wear Colorado ribbons and wave Soviet flags. And they were also not shy about traveling to Crimea, already occupied by Russia. After all, after a full-scale invasion, these traitors joyfully welcomed the occupiers in the Zaporozhye region.

We suggest to get acquainted with these collaborators and memorize their faces: after the liberation of the occupied territories their place is behind bars, not on the free Ukrainian land.

Waterman’s collaborators


Volodymyr Malyarenko

The scandalous video appeared in Russian Telegram channels in early October. It begins with a toast by Volodymyr Malyarenko, a fake deputy of Kamenko-Dniprovsky district. He made a speech for “the anniversary of the reunification of the great Russia with Zaporizhzhya region” and offered to listen to the anthem of the Rashists.

Then, to the applause of the hall, Malyarenko announced his upcoming trip to Moscow to meet with the party leadership. Before the occupation, the 51-year-old native of Vodyanoye worked in the paramilitary guard at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. Now he calls himself a “homemaker.” Another interesting fact about Malyarenko: in 2009, he was convicted of assaulting a law enforcement officer.


Tatiana Kontsur

During the feast, 48-year-old Tatiana Kontsur also took the floor. Before the occupation, she was a government official, working in the education department of the Kamenko-Dniprovsky district administration.

Now she, like Malyarenko, is a housewife. In the video, Kontsur says: “I am very happy that we are finally part of Russia. That we will live in a normal, adequate society”. I wonder what prevented a collaborator from building an adequate society before? Apparently, slave psychology.

Tatiana and her husband Mikhail Kontsur have long made no secret of their pro-Russian views. They were spreading Rashist propaganda long before the full-scale invasion. One only has to look at the social networks of the collaborators.

The 29-year-old son of the traitors, Michael, was also present at the feast. He trained as a lifeguard in Kharkiv, where he swore allegiance to the Ukrainian people. But, as we can see, the Kontsur family does not know what loyalty to the Motherland is. It only knows how to be parasites and opportunists. For this, the occupants gave the younger Mykhailo Kontsur a fake position of deputy head of Kamenka-Dniprovska emergency services.

Putin’s “Abajateurs”


Tatyana Chernysh confesses her love for Putin

Another identified collaborator is Tatyana Chernysh. In the video she states: “We did not succumb to this ‘Bender’ propaganda. Thank God that we remained in memory. We kept our faith. And after Volodymyr Malyarenko announces his trip to Moscow, he adds with a noticeable Ukrainian accent: “Say hello to Volodymyr Vladimirovich (Putin – ed.) from us. We “any, we love him”. We don’t even know what’s more disgusting about those words. The very declaration of love to Putin or the way it was uttered.

Tatiana Chernysh was at the feast with her husband Yuri. Both have long been ardent supporters of “Russian peace.” Even before the occupation of the village, they liked to take pictures with Soviet symbols and traveled to Crimea after 2014.


Alexander Uzyakov raises a glass to the Russian occupiers

“Let’s drink to our defenders who bow their heads on the front line,” said 62-year-old Vodyanoy resident Alexander Uzyakov with a shot of vodka in his hand. Obviously, he was not referring to the Ukrainian military.

The collaborator came to the feast not by himself, but accompanied by his wife Nadezhda Uzyakova, two daughters and their spouses. It is noteworthy that Uzyakov and his wife are from the Orenburg region of rf. Their daughters were also born there. It is unclear how they came to Ukraine. But instead of respecting the rules of the country that sheltered them, they decided to let the poison of the “Russian world” loose here.


The Uziakov family was at the collaborant feast in full force

Collaborators of Vodiane : Loved Russia, but “cheated” with America


Natalia Kontsur

Another traitor is Natalia Kontsur. In the video, she admits that she has been living in Moscow lately and returned to Vodyanoye only after its occupation by the Rashists. “When I was working in Moscow, I was just sure that one day we would be russia,” the collaborator admits.

Living in Vodyaniy, Natalia Kontsur was unemployed for a long time and had serious credit problems. It’s funny to see that despite her devotion to the “Russian world,” she was not squeamish about visiting “hostile” America.


Svitlana Sushchenko

The highlight of the evening was the song “Victory Day” performed by 59-year-old Svetlana Sushchenko. Previously, the collaborator headed the house of culture in Vodyanoye and often participated in celebrations on the occasion of public holidays. But, as we can see, Sushchenko never realized the value of her state and betrayed it at the first opportunity.

Below is a summary of all the participants of the feast that we were able to identify. We will soon publish detailed dossiers on the most “colorful” of them. No one gets away with this!

List of Collaborators:

  1. Vladimir Ivanovich Malyarenko, 10.01.1972
  2. Malyarenko Olha Andriivna, 11.07.1977
  3. Sergey Ivanovich Malyarenko, 03.06.1961
  4. Mikhail Sergeevich Kontsur, 04.04.1969(OK)
  5. Kontsur Tatiana Nikolaevna, 22.12.1974(OK)
  6. Mikhail Mikhailovich Kontsur, 17.06.1994(OK)
  7. Kontsur (Teplykh) Natalia Aleksandrovna, 26.05.1965(VK, OK)
  8. Kontsur Alexander Nikolayevich, 16.10.1973(OK)
  9. Kontsur Lyudmila Nikolaevna, 29.03.1976(OK)
  10. Zhovnarenko Viktor Nikolayevich, 10.10.1972(OK1, OK2)
  11. Shebzukhov Azamat, 18.09.1976(OK)
  12. Shebzukhova (Goncharova) Valentina Vladimirovna, 26.06.1987(VK)
  13. Vitaly Vitalievich Shaydetsky, 18.04.1983(VK, OK1, OK2)
  14. Shaydetsky Igor Vitalievich, 29.01.1979(VK, OK)
  15. Shaydetskaya (Overko) Tatiana Grigoryevna, 08.08.1985(VK)
  16. Aleksandr Grigorievich Uzyakov, 25.08.1961(OK)
  17. Uzyakova (Solovyova) Nadezhda Vasilyevna, 19.07.1962(OK)
  18. Chernaya (Uzyakova) Irina Aleksandrovna, 20.12.1987(VK, OK)
  19. Valery Alekseevich Cherny, 23.11.1977
  20. Pokalyuk (Uzyakova) Svetlana Aleksandrovna, 05.03.1984(OK)
  21. Pokalyuk Andrey Andreyevich, 03.09.1981(OK)
  22. Sushchenko (Zaprivoda) Svitlana Vladimirovna, 11.11.1963(OK)
  23. Nechiporenko (Seredkina) Larisa Viktorovna, 27.01.1974(OK)
  24. Chernysh Yuri Aleksandrovich, 30.05.1979(OK)
  25. Chernysh (Gazhemon) Tatiana Yurievna, 01.04.1979(OK)
  26. Elizarova Alina Nikolaevna, 04.02.1976(OK)
  27. Elizarov Oleg Anatolievich, 15.06.1972
  28. Kolesnikov Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, 17.10.1971
  29. Kolesnikova (Shever) Nataliia Mykhailivna, 29.01.1976 (OK, Insagram)
  30. Pavlenko Anatolii Ivanovych, 14.05.1967
  31. Pavlenko Liudmyla Petrivna, 28.01.1967
  32. Kosiak Viktor Viktorovych, 06.06.1960
  33. Kosiak Alina Franzivna, 20.06.1959 (FB)
  34. Nasilevskyi Serhii Mykolaiovych (FB)
  35. Nasilevska (Shaidetska) Viktoriia Vitaliivna (OK, FB, Instagram)

If you have additional information about the mentioned participants of the feast or recognize someone else – send the data on the rights of anonymity to the bot @evocationinfobot. We’ll find them all!

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